GDBBM – Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146: “A Soldier’s Spirit Lives On (3)”

Smoke rose in all directions, anguished wails could be heard throughout. The citizens who had escaped from the city were weary and heavy hearted. They could not see hope, nor saw any way forward, and the sounds of slaughter behind them made their legs go weak, but the longing to survive pushed them, with no other choice but to continue to move forward.

“Mother, where is Father?” Huddled inside a basket, a young child stared in fright with a pair of innocent eyes under the rumble of fighting, as he saw the city he had lived peacefully within growing smaller and smaller before his eyes.

The body of the woman who was carrying the basket on her back stiffened, and tears immediately rolled down from her eyes. She did not make a sound, not daring to utter a single sound, but just covered her mouth with her hand, as she stifled the choking sob lodged within her throat.

“Father! Father! Mother, I want Father! Father told me that he will bring me to go ride a horse….. Father said he will teach me martial arts…..” Not getting a response from his mother, the frightened young child could only cry out helplessly. That highly pitiful cry, made everyone in the group fall completely silent.

The child cried helplessly, remembering the image of his father dressed in light armour, tall and imposing, looking like the invincible God of War in his heart. He still remembered those strong arms that would lift him high up in the air, remembering the promise his father had made when he was being carried upon a horse.

The woman could not hold back the grief inside any longer and she crumbled to the ground to cry with her hands covering her face.

Her husband, was a guard in the city. From the moment that he had escorted her and their son out of the city, she knew, that her husband….. will never come back again.

The child continued to cry helplessly, and together with the woman’s wail of utter despair, it was as if a heavy chain had been looped around everyone’s throat, that made it hard for them to breathe.

A youth who was walking among the group of people clenched up his fists tightly, as blood dripped down through the gaps in between his fingers onto the ground. He suddenly turned himself around, and ran off in the opposite direction from where the group was heading towards!

“Little Tu! Where are you going!” A lady cried out in shock, suddenly in a fluster.

The youth’s steps hesitated momentarily and he froze a moment before turning himself around. Upon that still slightly childlike face, was a strong determination.

“Mother, the soldiers of the Qi Kingdom have spilled their blood across the battlefield in order to protect our homes and our country. And now the Condor Country’s Army is coming here and the people within the city will not be able to hold them back. I am going back there!”

“You’re just a child! What can you do by going back!” The lady’s face was filled with horror.

The youth instead replied: “Although I do not possess high spirit power, but I still have my ring spirit! I might not be able to kill much of the enemy foes, but I refuse to believe that if I give it everything I have, I will not be able to take down a single soldier from the Condor Country!”

The youth’s words were tinged with a slight childishness of youth, but they still made up a highly shocking declaration!

“I’ll go back together with you!” Another youth came over to stand by his side.

“And me!”

“Count me in!”

“Damn it all! We men of the Qi Kingdom will never be turtles who hide their heads! Any with bloodlust, we’ll all go charging back! Don’t be like a sissy and go hide in another city. I completely despise softies like that!” A brawny man holding a heavy forging hammer roared!

With that one thunderous roar, all the men from within the group stood forward at once. Although they were just common citizens who did not know how to wield a sword, but just as that youth had said, they all still had their Ring Spirits!

Even if they were unable to defeat the enemy, they would still be able to stake their lives on it and every single one enemy taken down was another one enemy less!

If their lives could be given in exchange to lessen a bit of the enemy’s army, it would still lessen that one bit of pressure on the Imperial City!

Hot blood pumped within the chests of the men. They cast a final gaze upon their family and then turned strongly determined to charge all the way back to the city!


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