GDBBM – Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135: “Getting a Wife (5)”

Jun Wu Xie calmly picked up the little black cat upon her shoulder and brought it before Jun Wu Yao’s eyes.

“It taught me.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

The little black cat immediately cringed up into a helpless ball, trying its hardest to put on a most innocent looking pair of eyes it could before Jun Wu Yao, but deep within its heart, it was scolding its Mistress a million times for having betrayed it.

[Does she want it to really die! ?] [She must have wanted it to be slaughtered! !]

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed, as it eyed the little black cat that was trembling so hard it almost fainted. Lifting one hand, he picked up the little black cat by its soft furry skin, and tossed it away carelessly…..

The little black cat made like a black shooting star, flying through the air, the corners of its eyes shimmering with sorrowful tears.

Fortunately Ye Mei at the side caught it in his arms, preventing the little black cat from getting its mouth filled with mud.

“Don’t learn such things from it, you might just pick up those bad traits.” Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh as he held Jun Wu Xie in his arms.

The little black cat within Ye Mei arms already had its face filled with tear streaks.

[How was that picking up bad traits! !]

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao, and after ascertaining that he was “being normal” today, she heaved a quiet sigh of relief inside. She had no doubt, that if Jun Wu Yao was feeling just like he had three days ago, what would have painted the Thousand Beast City red today, would not be a sea of flowers, but a sea of blood instead.

“Want to go watch?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Jun Wu Yao shook his head.

“With such a noisy and boisterous affair, Little Xie wouldn’t enjoy it would you?” Asking him to go watch Hua Yao carrying Jun Xie’s face to go get married with Qu Ling Yue, he really wasn’t patient enough to put up with that, even though….. that face wasn’t Jun Wu Xie’s true countenance.

The little black cat secretly watched Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie in terror.

[Mistress, please don’t give him any silly ideas. Don’t you see that this demonic lord becomes insanely terrifying when he becomes overtaken by jealousy?] [If he really went, the banquet will be awashed in blood!]

In the end, Jun Wu Xie wasn’t able to go witness “her” wedding with Qu Ling Yue, but had gone back to her room with Jun Wu Yao, to discuss about the hopelessly dry topic of her recent progress in spirit powers.

Meanwhile, in the other area of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, it was highly joyous and festive, Qu Ling Yue came in wearing a big red veil, the red silk covering over her head, as she carried out the ceremonial rites, “to be wedded” to Hua Yao disguised as Jun Xie.

For this wedding, Jun Wu Xie had even employed a highly energy taxing skill with her silver needles, that would allow Qu Wen Hao to temporarily revert back to normal, letting him personally witness his daughter having found her own place she “belonged and had settled into.”

After the rites were finished, Qu Ling Yue was sent into the newlyweds’ conjugal chambers.

Hua Yao was dragged by Xiong Ba and his men to drink with them and as the drinks went on for the third round, Xiong Ba and his men were already mighty tipsy and the large towering man fell sobbing loudly right upon Hua Yao’s shoulder, bemoaning how he had let down Jun Xie and done her wrong, heaping high praise upon Jun Xie’s ancestors of eight generations above, thanking Jun Xie for saving the Thousand Beast City, and for having rescued Qu Ling Yue…..

However, all this was received on Jun Xie’s behalf by Hua Yao, and fortunately Hua Yao could hold his liquor rather well, so he had not been driven into incoherent drunkenness by the round after round of toast proffered up to him.

As the Thousand Beast City revelled under that highly festive and joyous atmosphere, outside their gates, a team of soldiers clad in light armour had suddenly arrived. They rode upon tall war horses, standing within the sea of flowers that filled the outside of the Thousand Beast City’s gates.

The youth at the forefront was handsome as he stared in puzzlement at the celebratory atmosphere within the Thousand Beast City, his eyes looking rather surprised, as the other youth atop another horse at his shoulder similarly had shocked eyes as he stared inside the Thousand Beast City.

“Royal Brother, could the Thousand Beast City be celebrating a happy occasion?”

The other youth narrowed his eyes slightly and said: “Regardless of whatever is happening, we must definitely deliver the news into Jun Xie’s hands. I hope he….. has not yet left the Thousand Beast City.”

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