GDBBM – Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133: “Getting a Wife (3)”

Very soon, a heart inspiring piece of news spread very quickly throughout the Thousand Beast City. Jun Xie who pulled the Thousand Beast City out from the fiery pits of their certain demise was actually going to wed the Thousand Beast City’s Young Miss, Qu Ling Yue!

Once the news spread, the waves swept through the city immediately!

If it had been before that incident had happened and Jun Wu Xie made such a decision, everyone in the Thousand Beast City would have raised both their hands in approval, but now, the ordeal that Qu Ling Yue had gone through had already reached everyone’s ears, they had not even been agreeable for Qu Ling Yue to become the Grand Chieftain, so how would they be willing to see the saviour in their hearts wed a girl with a tainted past?

Soon after, the nosy parkers within the Thousand Beast City started gossiping about the matter with some of them even running to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers to ask Jun Xie to “think it over”.

But regarding those words, Jun Wu Xie couldn’t even be bothered to hear them.

When those voices of dissent reached a crescendo, an incident made those skeptical voices immediately disappear.

Among those favoured men who had run out from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, a good half number of them had suddenly died within a night. The way those men had died were horrifying and those that died were those who had touched Qu Ling Yue. Beside the corpses of those men, were placed with a black jade badge carved with the character “Xie”.

That was undeniably a warning to everyone.

Jun Wu Xie used the most direct approach and the most blood filled method, to quell all the doubts, and to let everyone know clearly what her stand was.

Qu Ling Yue, would definitely be Jun Xie’s wife!

If anyone dared say one word otherwise, they would end up sharing the same fate as those favoured men who loved to wag their tongues so much!

In an instant, the sounds of gossip within the Thousand Beast City about Qu Ling Yue quickly dissipated a whole lot. Although there were still small tiny voices debating it in private, nobody dared come out in the open to say anything carelessly.

Fei Yan had together with the Fiery Blaze Clan, lit the streets and lined them with buntings, hanging up red lanterns, decorated everywhere with red silk and gauze, shrouding the entire Thousand Beast City, within a celebratory air.

Towards Jun Xie’s decision, Xiong Ba was naturally highly comforted and he was only too happy to coordinate with Fei Yan. Even when the other Clan Chiefs did not help, Xiong Ba mobilised every single man within the Fiery Blaze Clan, working very hard to make it the grandest affair they could.

Three days passed in a blink and at dusk on that day, from outside the gates of the Thousand Beast City in a ten mile radius, it was completely filled with fiery red flowers.

Ten miles of a flowery sea, the grandiose setting to receive the bride, had sent many of the young girls’ heart absolutely green with envy!

They wished so much that they would be able to take that place!

From within that golden dusk, “Jun Wu Xie” rode a magnificent white horse, stretching out behind him in a continuous long line the team who came to receive the bride, treading upon the sea of flowers, approaching against the breeze, welcomed under the rain of falling petals, as they slowly came into the Thousand Beast City!

On top of the Thousand Beast City’s gates, Xiong Ba was highly moved as he stared at everything before him, and hot tears immediately filled his eyes. He knew why Jun Xie was doing all this, but he had not thought that Jun Xie would set it up in such a grand fashion. Throughout their entire past, the previous generations of all the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, when they had wed, which one among them had enjoyed such unmatched treatment!

A ten mile wide sea of flowers! It had filled the air within the Thousand Beast City with a sweet fragrance, that faint scent, tugging at the heartstrings of many a young girl’s.

That was a dream wedding, that many young girls could only dream of!

The fiery colours of the flowers shone with the slanting golden rays of dusk, stretching from outside the city to the center of the city. The red lanterns hung high, waving within the fluttering shower of petals, beautiful as a painting. That scene, became what all the young girls within the Thousand Beast City yearned for forever after, what they dreamed of in their lives, wishing fervently to be treated the same way, even for just a small fraction of this.

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