GDBBM – Chapter 1125

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Chapter 1125: “Who Dares Say One Word More (2)”

When the several Clan Chiefs convened to discuss about the future situation of the Thousand Beast City, the topic concerning whether Qu Ling Yue would be able to become the Grand Chieftain was debated even more heatedly.

Xiong Ba had banged his fist on the table and quarrelled loudly with the other Clan Chiefs. Under to come to a conclusion, he had left in a raging huff as he made his way towards the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

“Wow, I see a face there, looks really red with rage.” Qiao Chu was sitting inside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers biting on an apple and when he saw Xiong Ba approaching livid with rage, he could not help himself but to say that sarcastically.

Maybe it was due to Xiong Ba’s and Qing Yu’s deeply apologetic demeanor that had let Qiao Chu and the others feel that they were sincere, which caused the grudges within their hearts to gradually disappear, but….. although the enmity was gone, to want them to accept them back as friends, wouldn’t be possible.

Xiong Ba’s face showed a tinge of embarrassment as he scratched at his head and said: “Young Master Qiao, don’t make fun of me please.”

“What happened? Saw that you have been so highly agitated recently. You all already have Qu Xin Rui imprisoned, how is it? Has that old witch been getting by well over this period?” Qiao Chu asked.

Having been asked by Qiao Chu, Xiong Ba immediately thought of how Qu Xin Rui currently looked. The grotesque memory of seeing a person struggling under the fate of having all her flesh rot off and then growing it back, had completely unnerved even the stalwart and hardy Xiong Ba where his scalp had tingled with numbness when he saw that. It was then that Xiong Ba finally understood why Jun Xie had wanted Qu Xin Rui to be kept alive. Living like that seemingly neither human nor ghost, was truly an existence more agonizing than death. Within the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Qu Xin Rui’s screams could be heard everyday, sounding just like a terrifying cry coming from a ferocious ghost deep in the depths of Hell.

Seeing Xiong Ba’s reaction, Qiao Chu knew, that Qu Xin Rui’s looks must have been rather “exciting and brilliant” to see.

“Speak. What are you here for today?” Qiao Chu asked.

Xiong Ba opened his mouth and said highly awkwardly: “Today….. I have….. come to seek Young Master Jun.”

Qiao Chu immediately raised up an eyebrow. He was just about to say something when a cold voice rang out suddenly.

“Why would you be looking for me.” Jun Wu Xie said as she came down slowly from upstairs, her chilly gaze sweeping over the figure of Xiong Ba standing frozen at the doors.

Xiong Ba’s repeated and persistent appearances at the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, to express his guilt and goodwill, was known to her, but she had never met with him at all.

Xiong Ba looked at Jun Xie, highly flabbergasted. Ever since Qu Xin Rui had been captured, he had not been able to see Jun Xie even once. Seeing her so suddenly like this, his heart had almost jumped out from his throat.

“I….. I….. not me, aish! Young Master Jun, the thing is actually this….. The several Clan Chiefs and Elders had discussed about it. The Thousand Beast City had just gotten over its crisis but the Grand Chieftain had become like that….. Suddenly without a leader among the dragons, so….. they were thinking….. whether they can ask….. ask you to temporarily take up the position of Grand Chieftain…..”  As Xiong Ba spoke, his heart was feeling rather apprehensive. Truth to be told, he had really discarded his face at the door when he came in to see Jun Xie today.

Jun Xie was the Emperor of the Fire Country, and although the Thousand Beast City wasn’t all that weak themselves, they would still be nothing before Jun Xie’s eyes.

“It was all due to you that the Thousand Beast City was saved this time. Throughout the entire city, everyone sees you as their saviour, and if you are willing to temporarily take on the position of the Grand Chieftain, I believe….. everyone will be convinced.” Xiong Ba said as he looked at Jun Xie nervously. The Thousand Beast City was now in tumult without a leader and they desperately need someone to stand forth to calm the situation.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised slightly.

Qiao Chu was so surprised his eyes went wide. Even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t have thought that the people of the Thousand Beast City wanted Jun Wu Xie to be their Grand Chieftain!

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