GDBBM – Chapter 1108

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Chapter 1108: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (10)”

Five Purple Spirits!

And they were still so young!

Even for Xiong Ba who had had the chance to interact with Qiao Chu and the others for quite a time before, he was suddenly stupefied by the spirit powers the youths had revealed!

At that moment, Xiong Ba’s heart was filled with regret. It was only then that he realized where Jun Xie’s composure had stemmed from. The youth relied not just on his intelligence alone, but also upon this unknown trump card he held within his hands!

When such immense powers are combined with high intelligence, the resulting effect, was something beyond any one of them could imagine.

Looking back now, Qu Wen Hao’s actions from before, was just absolutely laughable. If they had been able to have more trust in Jun Xie, if they had discussed the matter about Qu Xin Rui with Jun Xie right from the start, maybe Jun Xie would have already thought up a plan to rescue Qu Ling Yue, and the things that happened after would not have even occurred!

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu clearly realized their folly then, that had pushed the Thousand Beast City to fall deeper into the terrifying abyss. It was through their own hands, that they had forced their most reliable ally, to severe all ties with them!

Endless regret surged within the chests of Xiong Ba and Qing Yu. But at this point, however much regret they felt would not be able to change any of it.

Because, from the moment Jun Wu Xie had appeared there, her gaze had not once looked upon anyone else. In Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, the Thousand Beast City no longer had any position or standing!

They were merely a bunch of despicable betrayers!

“Haha, I’m sorry to say this. Although we would really like to slaughter you bunch of trash here personally, but this time, it seems someone is even more keen to take the lives of the dogs that all of you are.” Qiao Chu said spitefully, unusually calm in the midst of the chaos, as he looked at Shen Chi, arms crossed before his chest.

Shen Chi lifted up an eyebrow.

All of a sudden!

A tall and slender figure gracefully descended down from the air to come right before Jun Wu Xie.

It was a flawlessly handsome man, his perfectly formed features without a single trace of blemish, as if he was the greatest creation of the Heavens. His entrance graceful, his demeanour elegant and refined, attracting all eyes to turn their gazes upon his magnificent being.

“Little Xie, are you sure you really want me to make my move?” Jun Wu Yao asked gently as he fell gracefully to come beside Jun Wu Xie. As per the agreement he had made with Jun Wu Xie before this, he was supposed to only watch the show from high up in the air, but Jun Wu Xie had suddenly changed her mind.

“I want her alive.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing up dangerously. After Qu Xin Rui revealed the matter about Qu Ling Yue, Jun Wu Xie had immediately wiped all her prior plans clean.

She didn’t want to kill Qu Xin Rui so easily.

“As you wish.” A faint smile came onto Jun Wu Yao’s face, as he gracefully lifted Jun Wu Xie’s tiny hand, and planted a light kiss on her palm. Thereafter, he turned around, and his feet were taking steps like he was walking upon the ground, slowly walking down from the high wall. Every single step that he took, his form was composed, like there was a staircase that nobody could see below his feet, that stretched down to the ground from the city’s wall, his steps slow, suave and debonair.

Qu Xin Rui state in puzzlement at the outrageously good looking man. She had seen a countless number of beautiful men, but never one as handsome and beautiful as this. Before Jun Wu Yao, the entire bunch of favoured men back in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers were instantly reduced to become unbearably filthy mud who wouldn’t even be qualified to kneel at the man’s feet to compete for glory in any way.

The very instant Shen Chi saw Jun Wu Yao, every single pore on him felt an oppression completely unlike any he had ever felt before.

Jun Wu Yao was only walking down from the city wall and they were already feeling as if a mountainous boulder that weighed many tons was gradually pressing down upon the chests of Shen Chi and his companions!


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