GDBBM – Chapter 1106

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Chapter 1106: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (8)”

“Or should I say, that people from the Twelve Palaces have already approached you?” The thought suddenly came to Qu Xin Rui’s mind. It had been mentioned before when she was discussing it with Shen Chi before, but they had brushed off such a possibility at that time.

But now, no matter what kind of threats or benefits she used, she had not been able to shake Jun Xie’s will. And Jun Xie had shown that he knew of the existence of the Twelve Palaces, and that was not possible in the Lower Realm!

The Middle Realm very seldomly initiated contact with people of the Lower Realm and besides to the target leading power they had selected, the only other instance that they would appear was when someone in the Lower Realm broke through to the Purple Spirit. Jun Xie was merely about fourteen or fifteen years old and even if he was incredibly gifted, it was not possible that he was a Purple Spirit. So the only other possibility was before he came to the Thousand Beast City, people from the Twelve Palaces have already approached her!

Faced with Jun Xie’s aggressive defiance, Qu Xin Rui could only come to this conclusion.

“Do you think just by having another palace backing you up, you have nothing to worry about at all? You are just a pawn of the Twelve Palaces and even if I am to kill you, they will not bother to avenge you. What they seek is merely the same thing I am after, the might of the Fire Country behind you and it does not matter whether the Emperor of the Fire Country is you or someone else.” Qu Xin Rui said, her eyes narrowed, a glint of murder brewing within. If Jun Xie had indeed already come in contact with the other palaces, she would then really make her move now, to have the youth eliminated.

Qu Xin Rui discreetly gave Shen Chi a hidden signal, which was caught by Shen Chi and the other two men from the Middle Realm.

Xiong Ba and his people outside the city’s gates were completely clueless about what kind of place the Twelve Palaces was that Jun Xie and Qu Xin Rui were talking about. To them, the name of the place was completely foreign, but from what Qu XIn Rui had said, she both hinted and as good as clearly stated the incredible might of the Twelve Palaces…..

To be able to use the Emperor of the mightiest country across the lands as a pawn….. Just what kind of a place was the Twelve Palaces?

Jun Wu Xie merely looked on coldly at Qu Xin Rui and said: “You’ve finished what you wanted to say?”

Qu Xin Rui was taken aback with surprise. Jun Wu Xie’s expression had not changed the slightest bit, just as if everything she had just said, had not affected Jun Xie at all.

“If you are done talking, then meet your death.” Jun Wu Xie said chillingly.

Qu XIn Rui looked at Jun Xie in puzzlement and she suddenly found it so absurd that she started laughing.

“Ha ha! Jun Xie, you are just too conceited. How big do you think you are? What do you even amount to! ? If not for the Fire Country behind you, do you think I will even cast a glance in your direction? In my eyes, you are merely a bug I can squash to death easily! Since you do not know what’s good for you, there is no use keeping you alive!”

Suddenly, Qu Xin Rui’s entire body flared with purple coloured spirit energy! She morphed into a purple ray of light as she shot straight towards Jun Xie upon the city gate’s wall!

Jun Xie’s arrogance had incited her rage to burn, and since he refused to be used, that she would just kill him!

At the same instance, Shen Chi and his men also charged straight at Jun Xie as well!

Four Purple Spirits striking at the same moment, all determined to annihilate Jun Xie on this very spot!

Everyone standing outside the city’s gates suddenly grew nervous at the very moment they saw Qu Xin Rui and her people moved to strike. Although many of them did not know what kind of a background Jun Xie possessed, but from his conversation with Qu Xin Rui, they all realised that Jun Xie was of the same stance with all of them. When they saw four Purple Spirits, the very pinnacle of power, charging right at Jun Xie, everyone’s hearts suddenly jumped!


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