GDBBM – Chapter 1092

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Chapter 1092: “The Despicable Got Their Way (1)”

“If that old hag had not committed a deed so vile and demented….. I will not have let the Grand Chieftain do this….. I really won’t…..” Xiong Ba suddenly started weeping, the deep struggle within his heart and the guilt he felt towards Jun Xie that ate at him, made this almost eight foot towering giant crumble and falter.

“Qing Yu, I really do not know what I should do….. I’ve watched the Young Miss grow up to become such a big girl….. the Grand Chieftain….. the Grand Chieftain was forced to witness her being brutally humiliated by those beasts….. I really….. really cannot bear it…..”

No one knew what had really happened in Jun Xie’s room that day.

Although Qu Wen Hao was the Grand Chieftain that Xiong Ba had sworn undying allegiance to, but in the face of that loyalty, Xiong Ba’s unbending character was such that he would not be able to submit himself to anyone.

And when Qu Wen Hao had suddenly told them with his face in a deathly pallor, all that he had experienced, Xiong Ba’s heart was not able to remain as steadfastly resolute.

Although Qu Wen Hao’s character wasn’t considered to be stalwart and unwavering, but he still held his own principles firmly. Even when his wife had been captured, and he had to submit himself under others, he still did everything he could to protect the people in the city. But the extent of Qu Xin Rui’s viciousness had exceeded anything all of them had expected.

In this world, where would you find a Father who could bear to tolerate witnessing his own daughter being humiliated like that…..

Xiong Ba did not dare imagine what Qu Wen Hao must have been forced to go through, just how horrifying and traumatic it could be to cause such a steadfast man to bend his back and submit, surrendering up his conscience.

Qing Yu downed the wine one cup after another in quick succession, not saying even one word. The biting wine burned his throat as it went down, bringing about a throbbing pain, not enjoying the wine one bit, but more like a form of punishment.

Self inflicted punishment.

“Oh? Enjoying yourselves on such a great night, it just so happens that I am feeling really thirsty!” The clear voice of a youth rang out candidly within the room suddenly.

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu turned their heads in confusion to look, and saw Qiao Chu leaping into the room through the window, with Hua Yao’s face appearing right behind him.

“Hurry up, I am dying of thirst here.” Qiao Chu said with a guffaw as he walked over, while utter shock showed upon the faces of Xiong Ba and Qing Yu. They watched as Qiao Chu nonchalantly picked up a jar of wine from the side, to tear the seal open and tilting it back with his head to pour its contents into his mouth.

Hua Yao walked over in an unhurried manner as his gaze swept over the faces of Xiong Ba and Qing Yu, but did not find anything suspicious.

“That really hit the spot!” Qiao Chu exclaimed with a laugh as he wiped his mouth, looking at Xiong Ba and Qing Yu.

“You don’t need to be so alarmed. We were afraid that the people of the city would discover us and that was why we sneaked ourselves in here. We have really tired ourselves out really badly throughout this period. In order to tail those people, we have not been able to get any shuteye at all for the past few days, so you wouldn’t mind it if we grab a couple of sips of your wine, would you?” Qiao Chu teased, winking his eyes meaningfully at the completely stunned Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba’s mouth gaped open, and did not know what to say at that moment.

Jun Xie had stationed Qiao Chu and her other companions outside the city previously in order to find out the location where Qu Xin Rui had imprisoned the people of the Thousand Beast City, and with Qiao Chu appearing here now, that would mean that they have already determined the exact location!

“Your Fiery Blaze Clan Hall isn’t really that large a place, but why is it that after looking an entire round through the place, I still do not see Little Xie? Where have you guys hidden him? Have someone bring him here quickly as we have traveled both day and night just to bring the news here.” Qiao Chu said as he moistened his parched throat with another swig of the jar, a faint red flush creeping up onto his face, his eyes shining with anxiety and joyous delight.

The words Little Xie struck at Xiong Ba’s mind like a mighty bolt and the tipsiness that filled him immediately dissipated without a trace at that instant, all colour quickly draining out from his face completely!


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