GDBBM – Chapter 1070

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Chapter 1070: “Venomous Woman (3)”

“But he is unwilling to cooperate with us now.” Qu Xin Rui said in a fluster as she bit on her nails. “Jun Xie isn’t Qu Wen Hao and the might of the Fire Country is highly powerful in the Lower Realm. I had heard that the Empress Dowager of the Fire Country holds a group of secret assassins and it seems that their powers are not too far off from the Purple Spirit. When Jun Xie ascended into the throne, the Empress Dowager had been highly supportive and if we are to try to control the Fire Country with the same method we use to control the Thousand Beast City, we stand to meet with failure. Jun Xie came from the Zephyr Academy and I have sent people to look into detailed information about him, but they had not been able to find out anything about his birth, which renders us unable to use his family members to hold him hostage. Even if we succeed in controlling Jun Xie, whether the Fire Country will be willing submit to us for their new little Emperor will be another question as the Fire Country still has an Empress Dowager holding the fort. If that old witch decides to abandon Jun Xie and push another Emperor onto the throne, then we’ll stand to gain nothing from it at all.”

Qu Xin Rui was feeling highly frustrated as she was finding it rather hard to deal with Jun Xie’s refusal.

Without a handhold to use as blackmail against him, they were unable to ascertain if they would be able to use Jun Xie to force the Fire Country to submit to them. It would not be that easy to take on the biggest country in the Lower Realm but at the same time, it was a big fatty piece of meat that they were reluctant to let go of.

Shen Chi fell deep in thought. How to force Jun Xie to submit to them was the most impertinent question they needed an answer to.

Suddenly, Qu Xin Rui seemed to have thought of something and she opened her mouth to say: “Maybe Jun Xie isn’t really without any weakness that we can exploit.”

“Oh? Have you really thought of a plan?” Shen Chi asked with an eyebrow raised.

Qu Xin Rui’s lips curled up to smile sinisterly as her gaze turned alluringly to Shen Chi to say: “Didn’t Lin Que tell me before, that the Devious Wyvern of mine was swallowed up by Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast?”

“To be able to swallow up the Devious Wyvern, it must be a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. Don’t tell me you are going to target his Spirit Beast?” Shen Chi asked.

Qu Xin Rui laughed aloud. “Why not? Not everybody is able to own a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast and a fully tame one at that. Having come so far away from the Fire Country but he still brought the Spirit Beast to keep by his side, the bond between him and that Spirit Beast must be very strong. To make a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast submit to you, it is impossible if one did not pay an equivalent price. Even though Jun Xie has a very cold and indifferent personality, but I am somewhat inclined to believe that he treasures that Guardian Grade Spirit Beast quite a lot. Since I am unable to locate her family members, just maybe, that Guardian Grade Spirit Beast will be able to give us the help we need.”

Shen Chi’s heart jumped slightly in shock. Seeing the deceitful and cunning smile on Qu Xin Rui, he had to say although Qu Xin Rui was a woman, but when it came to such deep and exploitative scheming, the viciousness and merciless methods, none among the other three of them could compare to her. For a person who climbed up from the Lower Realm, and was still able to remain in the Soul Return Palace to achieve her current position today, it must be said that Qu Xin Rui’s methods, were beyond the average person.

“That is still a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. Even if you and I were to join forces, taking it down would still pose a certain level of difficulty for us.” Shen Chi said.

Qu Xin Rui looked at Shen Chi with an eyebrow arched high up.

“Have you forgotten, where this place that we are at is?”

Shen Chi was stunned for a moment and a smile of understanding immediately came to show on his face.

“The Spirit Taming Bone Flute is held in the hands of Qu Wen Hao and with that thing, besides the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, no one will be able to use it. Although Qu Wen Hao could still be considered to be rather obedient these few years, his resentment against you shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m afraid that he might just not be willing to undertake the risks of danger that comes with trying to control a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast.”

Qu Xin Rui then said with a cold laugh: “For his daughter, he will be willing to do anything.”

“You are truly, very cruel.” Shen Chi laughed. To even make use of her own blood kin, Qu Xin Rui was truly vicious!

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