Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Escaping the blockade


When the old eagle swooped down, there were already several Purple Thunder Monkeys locked onto it.


An adult Purple Thunder Monkey suddenly kicked off the ground and jumped high up.   In the blink of an eye, it flew up over ten meters and grabbed at the old eagle’s neck.  The old eagle could not react in time and its body was torn in half by the Purple Thunder Monkey.

Everyone present, other than Bai Jin Yi, could barely see the Purple Thunder Monkey’s movement, including Ye Yu Xi.  The Purple Thunder Monkey was only a third spiritual level beast and the records said that they were incredibly strong, but how could these Purple Thunder Monkeys in front of them reach this speed?

Zhi, zhi~~Zhi zhi!

The little monkey brought back by the fatty jumped down onto the floor and gestured something.  With the little monkey’s gestures, those agitated looking monkeys actually calmed down.

“Huo Ling, what is the little monkey saying.”  Ye Yu Xi saw the monkey pack’s reaction and her slightly tense heart relaxed a bit.

Huo Ling had just escaped death and was calming himself down on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.  When he heard his master’s words, he blinked his watery eyes in a very cute manner, “Master, what you said, un…..It just said that this treasure saved it, so it brought its family to thank this treasure.  Also it said….Un…..It also said that it didn’t finish speaking.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling speaking in scattered words and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  She was thinking in her heart, when did this fellow learn how to steal credit…..

“Tell me the truth!”  Ye Yu Xi raised her hand to gently rap Huo Ling’s little head.

Huo Ling shrinked his neck and still couldn’t escape his master’s punishment.  He immediately revealed a very pitiful look, “Wu, wu…..Master wants to hit me, I said~~That little monkey really did say that I saved it.”

Ye Yu Xi then asked, “And then!”

Huo Ling blinked its little eyes, “Then it said that the fatty’s roasted meat is very good and all the people that wanted to hurt it have already been chased off.  It said that we would treat it to rabbit meat and that we weren’t bad people.”

When Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s explanation, she looked at the expressions the little monkey and the monkey pack revealed.  It’s said that precious treasures had spirit beasts around them protecting it and these spirit beasts seemed to have evolved because of this heaven and earth treasure.  Their strength were the same as the others, but their speed was much faster than what was recorded in the book. Since it was like this, if she developed a relation with the monkeys through Huo Ling, perhaps they could obtain the heaven and earth treasure!

The little monkey was still dancing as it explained something to the monkey pack.  It even picked up a piece of rabbit meat to let some monkeys taste it.

Ye Yu Xi saw this and came up with an idea.  She said to Huo Lin, “Huo Ling, help me tell that little monkey that I want to make a trade with them.”

She found secluded place to discuss the terms of the deal with the monkey group’s elders.

With Huo Ling’s translation, the large army of monkeys quickly retreated and only the small monkey and the few elders of the group remained to discuss with Ye Yu Xi.

The negotiations lasted for over an entire hour before the monkey elders finally made up their mind and agreed to Ye Yu Xi’s conditions.

When the finished discussing, the monkey elders led the several hundred monkeys away first, leaving behind the little monkey to lead the way for Ye Yu Xi’s group.

“Boss, what conditions did you discuss with them?  Why did the group of monkeys obediently leave?” The fatty moved beside Ye Yu Xi and asked about what just happened.

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