Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 918

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Chapter 918: There’s something on your shoulder……

“The quality of the freshmen this year isn’t bad.  Alright, let’s leave as well.”  Bai Ran looked at the other four.

Most of the people in the stands had already left.  Quite a few guilds had went to look for the freshmen they wanted and of course the most dazzling was Princess Yuan Na since there were few people who entered the academy with a Beast Flame!

The people with Beast Flames and a weak backing were even more rare.

But if one had to talk about mysterious freshmen, it would definitely be Ye Yu Xi!  No one knew how high Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation was, they only knew that her opponents hadn’t lasted more than three rounds, including…..someone in the seventh spiritual level.

Many people guessed that Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation had already reached the eighth spiritual level!

The crowd slowly dispersed and Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha followed Ye Yu Xi.

“Master, are you going back or going to the Exquisite Tower to cultivate?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the sky, there were a few hours before it got dark, “Let’s go to the dorm, there will be guests soon.”

When Ye Yu Xi’s group of three returned, there were waves of people who followed them.

“Big sister Ling Shan, there are quite a few forces interested in Ye Yu Xi.  Should we contact Ye Yu Xi?”  Yue Zhi Xue watched Ye Yu Xi from afar and on her shoulder was Yue Ling Shan.

“No need, if Ye Yu Xi joins those small forces, it means we were wrong about her!”  Yue Ling Shan looked at Ye Yu Xi, “I bet her heart is somewhere else……”

“Big sister Ling Shan, you mean……Ye Yu Xi will make her own guild?”  There was a look of surprise on Yue Zhi Xue’s face.

“Un.”  Yue Ling Shan nodded, “There’s no genius who would be willing to live under others.”

“No, if you make your own guild and don’t provide points, those old students won’t consider joining.  With no old students and only freshmen, they’ll be targeted by the other guilds in the guild wars in two months!”  Yue Zhi Xue had a look of disbelief.

“Who knows?  She can subdue someone from the Bai Family, perhaps there’s some force behind Ye Yu Xi.”  Yue Ling Shan revealed a faint smile.


Ye Yu Xi’s group went back to the dorm and Hei Feng Tian Zong went to his room with Hei Sha to rest.

Before Ye Yu Xi could enter, someone called out to her.

“Miss Ye, please wait a moment.”

Ye Yu Xi turned and several old students were standing behind her.  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows, “You’re looking for me for?”

“Miss Ye, we are from the Flying Star Tower.  Miss Ye is truly shocking, I wonder if you are interested in joining us?  Our tower master has promised that as long as miss Ye joins, you will be treated like a third year student.”

“Miss Ye, our Eagle League is ten places higher than the Flying Star Tower, how about…..”

“Miss, how about us……”

In two minutes, several guilds all extended invitations to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened slightly wider!  These people, how can they be so passionate!  The situation was a bit beyond Ye Yu Xi’s expectations, the finals hadn’t even started yet!

In the end, Ye Yu Xi put a basket at her door and let those people put their invitations in before entering her room.

After closing her door, Ye Yu Xi let out a long breath.

“It seems like you’ll have more people chasing you tomorrow.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice rang in Ye Yu Xi’s ears.

Ye Yu Xi felt a warmth from beside her, as her tender waist was already taken by Bai Jin Yi.

“There are people outside.”  Ye Yu Xi softly reminded.

“They won’t dare come in.”  Bai Jin Yi’s voice had a trace of evil charm, “Don’t move, there’s something on your shoulder.”

Bai Jin Yi said this as his palm slowly moved up, but then it stopped……

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