Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 904

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Chapter 904: Most expensive meal (Part 3)

“Give me a piece of Extreme Ice Grass.”  Long Xiao Pang saw that the flames had been swallowed by Huo Ling.

Huo Ling twisted his mouth and his little face was completely red.

“Eat this.”  Long Xiao Pang gave the Extreme Ice Grass to Huo Ling.


Once he swallowed the Extreme Ice Grass, Huo Ling turned back to a little bird and his body was wrapped in flames.

Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.  When Huo Ling started to advance, Ye Yu Xi felt a bit of burning in her meridians.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling and muttered, “It should be able to leave its young stage this time.”

Ye Yu Xi wanted to stay and cultivate, but feeling the movement outside, Ye Yu XI stuffed Zi Ling into Long Xiao Pang’s arms, “Bai Jin Yi is here, I’m going out.”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi disappeared.

When Ye Yu Xi appeared in the room, there was a knock on the door.

He knocked?

Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile, Bai Jin Yi rarely knocked when he entered her room before.

Opening the door, Bai Jin Yi was silently standing outside.  There was a bit of fatigue on his face and he had changed into new clothes.

“Come in.”  Ye Yu Xi moved aside to let Bai Jin Yi in.

When the door closed.

Bai Jin Yi grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s waist and pulled, throwing the off guard Ye Yu Xi into Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.

Bai Jin Yi tightly held Ye Yu Xi and looked down at her, as he softly said, “Sorry……”

Ye Yu Xi unconsciously tried to break free, but Bai Jin Yi was holding very tightly so Ye Yu Xi couldn’t break free.  She just let Bai Jin Yi hug her as she listened to his apology and then Ye Yu Xi comforted him, “I’m not hurt, it can’t be blamed on you.”

“Even if I die, I will never let a single person touch you in the future, definitely not…..”  Bai Jin Yi was afraid that Ye Yu Xi would run away, so he hugged her even tighter.

The two were tightly pressed against each other.

“I can’t breathe.”  Although Ye Yu Xi wasn’t that old, her body was quite stunning.  Bai Jin Yi was holding Ye Yu Xi this hard, her chest was already feeling stuffed.

Peng, peng, peng!

Knocks came on the door.

“Master, master?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong’s voice sounded.

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned red and she broke free of Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.

“Yi?  Young master Bai, you’re back?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong saw Bai Jin Yi in the room and turned to see the blush on Ye Yu Xi’s face.

It was a good thing the room was dark, so he couldn’t see too clearly.

“Un, you talk, I still have something to take care of.”  Bai Jin Yi nodded at the two before leaving the room.

Ye Yu Xi watched Bai Jin Yi leave before looking at Hei Feng Tian Zong.  Hei Feng Tian Zong had several sheets of paper in his hand, “Did something happen?”

“Master, the rules for the freshmen conference are out.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong put the pieces of paper on the table.

There were many rules on the freshmen conference for example: Participation was voluntary and the school couldn’t force them to participate.  Also those that were above the eighth spiritual level couldn’t participate.

Then there was the elimination system.

“Master, are we participating?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong cautiously looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Other than Hei Sha, Hei Feng Tian Zong and Ye Yu Xi were both in the seventh spiritual level, which met the conditions of the conference.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the five thousand points that was the reward, “We are!”

The prize didn’t matter to Ye Yu Xi, what Ye Yu Xi needed was to use this conference to create her fame!

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