Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 887

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Chapter 887: Qi Long Clan (Part 4)

“Other than looking a bit ugly, the rest are all average.”  Long Xiao Pang pursed his lips.  The seeds left over a thousand years ago seemed like they were sprouting.

“Dragon master, what is going on?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the respectful Ba De and it was like the scene of Hei Feng Tian Zong’s grandfather Hei Feng Tai Qing seeing Long Xiao Pang.

Hei Feng Tai Qing’s expression from then was the same as Ba De’s.

“Ba De, what is your real name?”  Long Xiao Pang narrowed his eyes as he looked around.

“Reporting to dragon master, I am Qi Long Yi Chen.”  Ba De knelt on the ground without daring to get up.

“Qi Long Yi…..Forget it, it’s too hard to remember, I’ll still call you Ba De.  Get up first.”  Long Xiao Pang raised his hand before carefully looking over Ba De.

It was a good thing that Ba De didn’t have any other emotions other than respect.  If there was, Long Xiao Pang wouldn’t mind Ye Yu Xi using her methods to make Ba De stay here forever.

“Ba De, you understand your family better than me.  Tell the little girl, I’ll go take a walk.”  Long Xiao Pang walked around while looking around him.

“Yes.”  Ba De respectfully gave a bow to Long Xiao Pang as he walked away.

“Senior, you know dragon master?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ba De.

Seeing Long Xiao Pang walk away, Ba De let out a sigh of relief.  When he looked at Ye Yu Xi, there was a trace of seriousness in his eyes, “I’ve never seen dragon master, but there is a statue of the dragon master in my family that looks exactly the same.  Since I could remember, my family’s old master held a worship ceremony in the temple every month.  Even now, I always offer incense to the dragon master whenever I go home.”

“Dragon master has shown grace to your family?”  Ye Yu Xi had a slightly surprised look.

Long Xiao Pang was a bit famous!

“Un.”  Ba De gave a solemn nod, “Without dragon master, there would be no me or the Qi Long Clan.  I don’t know the details of a thousand years ago, but dragon master stayed at our home for over ten years and gave us an inheritance.  The records showed that the ancestor didn’t match dragon master’s requirements, so the dragon master left since he was disappointed and there hasn’t been news since.  But our Qi Long Clan has always been grateful to dragon master and always worshipped him.”

He took the initiative to leave?”

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her beautiful eyes.  Long Xiao Pang staying by her side seemed to be having her help him with something, but Long Xiao Pang never mentioned the specifics.

“What did the dragon master want your family’s ancestor to do?  Do you know?”  Ye Yu Xi asked.

Ba De shook his head, “I’m not sure of the specifics, there is no record in our family, but the name Ba De was created for our family by dragon master.  Even the beast language was taught to our family ancestor after dragon master saw his talent.”

He really was a continental treasure!

Ye Yu Xi was shocked.  With one person’s ability, he could make a family prosper for a thousand years.

“Miss Ye, how do you know dragon master?”  After Ba De finished talking about his family, he was curious about Ye Yu Xi.

“I met him in the mountains by coincidence.”  Ye Yu Xi concisely replied.

Long Xiao Pang didn’t seem to notice anything, so he skipped right back.

“Have you two finished?”  Long Xiao Pang looked at the two of them.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.

“That, dragon master, if you have time, will you take a trip to Qi Long Valley…..”

“No need, I’m quite good with this little girl.  Recently the little girl is expanding her npower, so if you don’t have anything to do, you might as well help her.”  Long Xiao Pang directly turned Ba De down.

“Everything will be as dragon master plans.”  Ba De was very respectful to Long Xiao Pang.

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