Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: Qi Long Clan (Part 3)

Zi Ling smelled this and happily ran over, sticking out its little tongue to lick it.

“Miss Ye, this card is for you.”  Ba De raised his hand to throw a gold card to Ye Yu Xi.

“This……”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the thing in her hand.

“Just a small thing.  We’ll be in contact a lot in the future, hei, hei.”  Ba De understood humans, saying this as he reached out to rub Zi Ling’s head.  Perhaps it was because he had fed Zi Ling something rare, Zi Ling didn’t resist him.

When the fatty and the others wanted to touch Zi Ling, it always bared its teeth at them.

Ten thousand points!

Ye Yu Xi saw the number on the gold card.  This Ba De really was generous.

“I have plenty of this thing.  Miss just came to the academy, so you can use this thing.”  Ba De talked to Ye Yu Xi, but his eyes were still on Zi Ling.

“Many thanks, senior.”  Ye Yu Xi thanked Ba De.

“I’ll come see Zi Ling again tomorrow.”  Ba De gave Ye Yu Xi a smile.  The meaning in his voice was clear, he was going for Zi Ling.

“Wait.”  Ye Yu Xi called out to Ba De.

Ba De turned back, “Un?  Does miss Ye need something?”

“There’s something I need to discuss with senior, this place…..”  Ye Yu Xi looked around.  Although this was a desolate hill with few people who came, it wasn’t absolutely safe.

Ba De saw Ye Yu Xi’s serious appearance and gave a slight nod, “Come with me.”

Ba De quickly passed through the hills.

After two hills, they came to a valley.

“This is where I cultivate, no one will come here.  You can tell me now.”  Ba De turned to look at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked over Ba De before slowly saying, “You’re not called Ba De, you’re someone from the Qi Long Clan.”


Ba De’s expression changed.  With an explosion, Ba De charged forward as quickly as lightning, approaching Ye Yu Xi in the blink of an eye and placing a cold dagger at her neck.

“Who are you!  How do you know about the Qi Ling Clan?”  Ba De’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

There was a strong killing intent that filled the valley.

“What are you nervous for, there’s no need to bring you here if we wanted to hurt you.”

A teasing voice came from behind Ba De.

Ba De’s expression changed again as he turned with the blade at Ye Yu Xi’s neck.  Ba De came behind her as he looked at the source of that voice.

A child.

Long Xiao Pang let out a deep breath.  It had been some days since he came out of the chaotic space.  He looked at Ba De with a smile, “Kid, do you recognize me?”

Ba De looked at Long Xiao Pang, especially the seven clawed dragon on his apron.  His eyes changed from shock to confusion, confusion to serious, and finally to shock again.

“You, you!”  The blade at Ye Yu Xi’s neck came away and Ba De took a step back, looking at Long Xiao Pang in disbelief.

“If you don’t recognize me, wouldn’t it be letting down your master and ancestors?”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice was teasing as his hands were at his waste, “angrily” looking at Ba De.

“Yes, I recognize you.”  Ba De quickly nodded.  Emotions flashed across his face, shock, joy, disbelief, and finally he was stunned.


“If it wasn’t for dragon master, you would already be dead!”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very soft, but it was filled with killing intent.

Ba De looked at Ye Yu Xi who released her might and felt that if those two acted, the one who died might really be him.

“You are the Qi Long Clan’s newest generation Ba De?”  Long Xiao Pang looked over Ba De.


Ba De kneeled to Long Xiao Pang and kowtowed three times before getting up, “Yes, I am this generation’s Ba De.”

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