Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 872

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Chapter 872: Nothing in the forest (Part 2)


The slam of the door woke them from their stupor.

The elders looked at each other.

“Big brother, this matter…..”  The fifth elder looked at the jade slip on the table looking awkward.

“The tiger’s wings allow nothing else in the forest.  Whether it is a blessing or a curse will be decided by Jin Yi.”  The Great Elder slowly closed his eyes.

“That’s right, we all forgot that Jin Yi has another name, he’s the Evil Emperor.  From now on, it’s the world of young people and we old bones should let go.”  The second elder shook his head as he gave a sigh.

Bai Jin Yi walked out of the Elders Pavilion and shadow was waiting outside.

“Young master, the thing has been prepared.”  Shadow had a brocaded box in his hands.

“Come to the academy to find me if anything happens in the valley.”  Bai Jin Yi put the brocaded box into his ring and left the Medicine King Valley.



After a light rain, the air was quite refreshing.

Dong, dong, dong.

Footsteps came from outside the freshmen dorms.

“The one in room six two one, come out!”

An angry roar shocked the students in the rooms around them.

Ye Yu Xi who was in the chaotic space heard the movement outside and slowly opened her eyes.  She muttered, “They came this quickly?”

When Ye Yu Xi came out, there were quite a few people outside.  Most of them came to watch the excitement.

A few freshmen pointed at the students with uniforms.

“That should be the second year uniform, right?”

“Their blue clothes seem to be from the Clear Sun Guild.”

Clear Sun Guild?

Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.  Looking at these aggressive people, she saw that the big guy beaten by Hei Feng Tian Zong was with them.  His face was still a bit red and swollen, it seemed like his injuries hadn’t gotten better.

“Big brother Jun, it’s them, the three of them.  They stole my room yesterday and beat me.”  The large man pointed at Ye Yu Xi and Hei Feng Tian Zong on the side.

Jiang Jun looked up at Ye Yu Xi and saw her exquisite appearance, feeling a bit surprised.  He thought that a woman with this aura, she must have some backing.

“Do you know the consequences of offending our Clear Sun Guild?”  Jiang Jun looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Do you know the consequences of offending her!”

A dark and deep voice came from the crowd.


The crowd looked behind Jiang Jun’s group.

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know, but it seems to be a senior.”

Everyone guessed at who this person was.

Jiang Jun suddenly turned back and his eyes narrowed, but his expressions quickly returned to normal, “Humph, I was thinking who it was, but it was senior Chu.  What, is senior Chu looking over the new students and planning to rebuild the Thousand Pain Hall?”


The second year students behind Jiang Jun secretly laughed.

Chu Tian Che’s Thousand Pain Hall disbanding was a major matter in the school since Chu Tian Che was the biggest dark horse.  But what made Chu Tian Che even more famous was that the day after the Thousand Pain Hall disbanded, his childhood friend and fiancee Liu Meng Ying had left him.

Chu Tian Che looked at Jiang Jun with narrowed eyes.

When did Jiang Jun dare to be this arrogant in front of him!

“Do you believe that I won’t cripple you and throw you out!”  Chu Tian Che’s face turned dark as he suppressed the anger in his heart.

Jiang Jun’s expression changed and he didn’t dare say anything else.  His seventh spiritual level cultivation against Chu Tian Che’s eighth spiritual level cultivation, there was no chance at all.  The reason why he dared laugh at Chu Tian Che was because of the power of the Clear Sun Guild.

Dong, dong, dong.

“Who dares cause trouble!”

There was another sound.

Hearing this, Jiang Jun’s face changed again.

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