Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 871

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Chapter 871: Nothing in the forest (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi looked at the messy room.  It was late and Ye Yu Xi was too lazy to tidy up, so she entered the chaotic space.

Looking around, she found that Long Xiao Pang, Zi Ling, and Huo Ling weren’t around.  She didn’t know where they went.

Ye Yu Xi took out the Qilin Horn and began cultivating.


Bai Jin Yi who had left for several days prepared a few things before heading back to the Medicine King Valley.

“Young master!”

Shadow saw Bai Jin Yi at the entrance of the valley and knelt down.

“Where are the elders?”  Bai Jin Yi lifted his hand to have shadow rise.

“In the Elders Pavilion.”  Shadow honestly said.

“Go and prepare a Heavenly Silkworm Cloth, I’ll take it with me later.”  Bai Jin Yi headed towards the Elders Pavilion.

Inside the Elders Pavilion.

The more than ten elders were sitting around a long conference table.

“The Bai Hua Family has started insisting.  Great Elder, that kid Bai…..”

“He is the Medicine King Valley’s young valley lord, this marriage is not up to him.  If the Bai Hua Family joins forces with the Ghost Asura Sect, our Medicine King Valley will be in trouble then.”

“I don’t agree to this wedding!”

There was an abrupt voice that came from outside the door.

The air in the Elders Pavilion froze.  The elders looked at each other.  Bai Jin Yi!  That kid was finally back.

“Come in.”  The Great Elder’s face was as calm as water.

Bai Jin Yi came in and his starry eyes swept over everyone.

“Kid Bai, this situation is tense.”  The thirteenth elder looked at Bai Jin and tried his best to convince him.

During the days Bai Jin Yi were away, the Medicine King Valley used a large amount of resources to investigate Bai Jin Yi’s movements.  That included the people who had contact with Bai Jin Yi, including noticing the existence of Ye Yu Xi.

Only the elders know about Ye Yu Xi, they didn’t know anything about her talent.

“Young valley lord, this girl surnamed Ye has a normal talent.  Compared to the Bai Hua Family’s Bai Hua Wu, it’s not the same.”

“I’ll decide who I marry.”  Bai Jin Yi looked at the Great Elder without any fear.

“Young valley lord, when there is a need, some people can only disappear.”  The Great Elder had a trace of killing intent appear in his muddy eyes.


“Great Elder, these words sound like a threat.”  Bai Jin Yi’s face suddenly turned evil as he waved his hand.


A two meter tall spiritual energy tiger jumped through the door.

It landed on the conference table.

The golden tiger’s angry eyes fell onto the Great Elder.

The elders were all stunned.  As they looked at the slightly glowing spiritual energy tiger, their eyes gradually widened and there was even an elder who dropped his pipe to the ground.

Roar, roar.

The spiritual energy tiger kept roaring.

“This, this is the White Tiger Inheritance?!”  The Great Elder looked at Bai Jin Yi with disbelief.

“Evil Eye White Tiger.”  Bai Jin Yi coldly spat out these four words.

Hearing these four words, the elders all had moist eyes as tears came out.  Looking at this mighty spiritual energy tiger, their old tears came down.

After thousands of years, the thing that the Medicine King Valley had been searching for all this time had finally been found.

“Ye Yu Xi is the Medicine King Valley’s benefactor.  Anyone who moves against her shouldn’t blame me, Bai Jin Yi for being merciless!”  Bai Jin Yi suddenly released his aura.


The might of this wave created an explosion in the small Elders Pavilion.

These elders were strong, so they weren’t affected by Bai Jin Yi’s pressure, but they looked at him in shock.

The Great Elder had a surprised look, “Profound Spirit Realm, you broke through!”


A jade slip came out of Bai Jin Yi’s hand and landed in front of the Great Elder.

“The White Tiger Inheritance.  From this day forth, you no longer need to meddle in my business.”  Bai Jin Yi casually turned around.

The spiritual energy tiger on the table turned into little bits of light.

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