Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Mysterious Spirit Beast appearing

When the fatty was saying those boastful words, the trees one both side began to shake.

Ye Yu Xi felt a sense of foreboding and gave a warning, but she was still late.

The fatty felt a chill on his head.


Something had stepped on his shoulder.

“Who!”  The fatty turned around and looked all around, but there were only shaking branches and leaves around him.

Everyone stopped and vigilantly looked around.

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked at the shadows under the trees around them.  That figure had been moving too fast and had come too suddenly, so even if it was her, she only saw a shadow.  But she could be certain that the figure was not a person because people couldn’t be that small.

Their team was surprisingly silent.

Bai Jin Yi was standing at the back and a strange light flashed in his dark pupils.  He muttered in a low voice, “That small, could it have been mutated…..”

The strange feeling in the air slowly wore down the fatty’s patience.

“What is this turtle doing!  If you have the skills, this fat master skin you!”  The fatty looked out with his little eyes as he loudly cursed out.Ye Yu Xi saw the fatty’s serious expression.  That mysterious figure had made the fatty lose face in front of her and the others, successfully angering the fatty.  Ye Yu Xi quickly reminded, “Fatty! It’s only a single straw hat……”

“Humph, humph~~”  The fatty spat out and cursed a few times.  Although his anger did not disappear, he still did not lose his mind.

Qing’er skipped over to the fatty’s side and slapped the fatty’s shoulder, “Fatty, it’s just a straw hat, you’re actually getting serious.”

They continued moving forward as their vigilance increased a bit.

After walking for four hours, Ye Yu Xi’s group found a relatively flat ground to take a rest.  Seeing the traces of a fire on the ground, this should have been cleaned after someone had rested here before.

Qing’er dragged her feet beside the fatty, “Fatty, I’m hungry.  Isn’t all the dried food with you, take a bit out for me to eat.”

“How can I let you eat dried food in the forest.  Just wait, I’ll be right back.” After saying this, the fatty walked into the depths of the forest.

Ye Yu Xi and the other began to plan their next steps.  The main reason for coming out this time was to train their wilderness survival skill and as for hunting Purple Thunder Monkeys, it was secondary.

After a while, the fatty came back holding two rabbits.

Qing’er and the others helped with the fire.  After walking for so long, even with the support of their internal spiritual energy, even Ye Yu Xi’s stomach was feeling a bit hungry.

“Fatty, you also have these skills?”  When Qing’er saw the fatty skillfully skinning the rabbit, this was the first time she felt the fatty was not hateful.

The fatty revealed a look of pride, “Of course, this fat master’s roasting skills are first class.  Thinking of the past…..”

Ji, ji, cha, cha!  Huo Ling stood on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder in his bird form.

“Fatty, Huo Ling said that if you keep talking about roasting, he will have you treat him to another meal.”  Ye Yu Xi translated for Huo Ling.

The fatty roasting the rabbit immediately closed his mouth and awkwardly explained, “This…..What is roasting, I have never heard of it before.  Don’t you think so, Huo Ling? He, he.”

Huo Ling turned her little head and did not look at the fatty at all.  It chirped a few words to Ye Yu Xi, “Master, I’m going to play.” Then it flew off into the sky.

After a few minutes, the rabbit’s meat was tender from the fatty’s roasting.  There were waves of roasted meat’s smell that wafted out and raised everyone’s appetite, making them drool.

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