Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 855

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Chapter 855: Song Lan Er’s thoughts (Part 1)

The sky turned dark and one or two maps fell over each person.

“Master, which mountain is your map?  Mine is for the fifth one.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked over at Ye Yu Xi.

“I have the seventh.”  Hei Sha raised her map.

“One for the third and one for the fourth.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

The thousands of people would separate onto the ten different paths.

The maps were evenly distributed with the teacher’s mental energy and each mountain had around the same number of freshmen.

“There’s more freshmen this year compared to previous years.”  The teacher looked over the sea of people.  Everyone year at the beginning, the school could earn a large fortune!

The third mountain range.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three thought that it would be crowded with thousands of people for ten mountains, so they would meet a few freshmen.

But they found that it wasn’t like this after they entered the mountains!

There were guards at the mountain and one group entered at a time, with intervals of ten minutes, so it took half a day for everyone to enter the mountains.

“Master, should we wait?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong stood on a branch, looking down at Ye Yu Xi.

“No rush.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand to let Hei Feng Tian Zong come down, “We’ll set off in half a day, the seniors need some time to react.”

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three searched their surroundings with their mental energy as soon as they came in, even sending Huo Ling to the air to search, but other than finding a wave of freshmen, they didn’t see a trace of the seniors.

Since no one was around, the three of them swallowed their Vague Appearance Pills.  It had to be said, Hei Feng Tian Zong became a handsome man, Hei Sha’s appearance became even more demonic, and as for Ye Yu Xi, her nation collapsing face was destroyed by the pill.

The three cultivated by themselves and an afternoon passed by.

When it came to night, Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes and said in a slow voice, “Set off.”

Most of the thousand students had passed two mountains and didn’t meet any expected dangers, everything had gone very smoothly.

Those seniors had a tacit plan of disappearing.

“We’ll rest for a night and then set off tomorrow.”  Fang Leng Qing looked around, finding a rare open space in the forest.

“Alright, we’ll listen to miss Fang.”

Behind Fang Leng Qing were four men and one girl, Song Lan Er!

“Leng Qing, when will the seniors who promised to meet us come?”  Song Lan Er came to Fang Leng Qing’s side.

Fang Leng Qing looked around and her voice was filled with a trace of worry at how quiet it was, “The senior wanted us to come to the fifth mountain.  We’ll wait here for now, they should be here soon.”

Fang Leng Qing’s group stopped to rest and there were several hundred groups who were in the same situation.  Everyone found a place to rest, only a few groups charged through the night.

Before entering the mountains, everyone was told that the top ten would receive special rewards from the academy.

The first place would receive a high profound grade cultivation technique.

After setting up the tent, Fang Leng Qing’s group made a bonfire.

“Everyone come here for a bit.”  Fang Leng Qing called the others.

“Miss Fang, what is it?”  A male student asked.

Fang Leng Qing spread the map on the ground, “We need to prepare ourselves.  If it isn’t the seniors that come, rather it’s the other older students, with our strength, it is very likely we can’t beat them.  We have six people, so everyone can flee separately and we’ll meet at the foot of the mountain in front of us tomorrow.  Does anyone have any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Kacha, kacha.

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