Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 854

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Chapter 854: Good plan!

“Good plan.”  Ye Yu Xi said with a sigh.

After Hei Feng Tian Zong said this, Ye Yu Xi understood why Chu Tian Che didn’t bring money.  It wasn’t that he didn’t bring any, the school’s rules didn’t let him bring any.

Those seniors shouldn’t do something like going against the rules.

“Is there anything else?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at them.

Hei Feng Tian Zong shook his head, “No, the freshmen trial is just this.  The other things are things that only the academy can explain.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, letting the two return to their room to rest.

The room fell silent again.

Ye Yu XI waved her hand and took out a Vague Appearance Pill.

She planned on using it once she reached the academy, but now it seemed like…..she wouldn’t need to use it for now.

Chu Tian Che’s appearance appeared in front of her.  A powerful person in Ye Yu Xi’s impressions shouldn’t have the same appearance as him!

“Interesting person.”  Ye Yu Xi said with a sigh while shaking her head before returning to the bed to cultivate.

It was all silent the next day.

Early on the morning of the third day, everyone gathered at the southwest road.

After all, with the example of the first night, no one wanted to be the one who suffered.

“Master, our group doesn’t have many people.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked around.  There were groups with four or five, the largest group had over ten people.  Only their group had three people.

“Quantity doesn’t matter.  The academy isn’t dumb, they know the students will go in groups.”  Ye Yu Xi said in an uncaring voice.

Not mentioning others, Hei Sha alone was enough to block ten seventh spiritual level experts.

“Young miss Ye.”

The little brothers that Hei Feng Tian Zong drew in saw Ye Yu Xi and greeted her.

“Miss Ye.”

Before Ye Yu Xi could say anything, Ye Zhi Qiu’s group came from the side.

“Miss Ye, how about we go in together?”  Ye Zhi Qiu came in front of Ye Yu Xi before looking over the men behind Ye Yu Xi, “These….shouldn’t be people from the Ice Mist Country, right?  Miss Ye, will you introduce them?”

“Tian Zong’s friends.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Zhi Qiu’s group and suddenly thought of a way to throw away this “baggage”.

After a few simple greetings, under the coordination of Ye Yu Xi, the little brothers formed a group with Ye Zhi Qiu.

Ye Yu Xi “escaped” with Tian Zong and Hei Sha.

“Master, are we really not going with them?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong was a bit confused.

Ye Yu Xi revealed a cold smile.  She looked around and brought the two to a place without others around, “Take this thing and eat it later.”

“This……”  Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at the thing in his hand, “A Vague Appearance Pill?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “Change your appearance after getting in, show no mercy to the seniors that come.”

Seeing the greedy smile on Ye Yu Xi’s lips, Hei Feng Tian Zong was a bit surprised.

He said with a sigh, “Master, whoever goes against you will definitely be the most unlucky!”

Hei Sha had a strange look in her eyes.  Those second year and third year seniors wanted to rob the freshmen, but Ye Yu Xi wanted to rob the seniors.

The one earning in the end was Ye Yu Xi.  Moreover, after changing her face, the seniors won’t even be able to find her for revenge!

Daring to go against the seniors, there was probably only Ye Yu Xi.

The three casually walked around before gathering at around noon.

The teacher in charge was wearing a uniform and there were several students following behind him.

“Everyone gather!”

The aura around the teacher changed and spiritual energy wings came out, as he flew into the air, “There are ten mountains from west to east, everyone is free to choose which one they enter.  This is a map, there will be staff from the academy waiting for you at every exit!


With the control of the teacher’s mental energy, thousands of copies of maps flew out.

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