Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 849

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Chapter 849: Chu Tian Che (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi looked over the metals on the ground and she couldn’t name most of them.

It would be good if Hei Feng Tian Zong was here, he would have recognized them.

“Senior, are there rare metals being sold nearby?  Price isn’t a problem.”  Ye Yu Xi looked up at the stall owner.

This old man, Ye Yu Xi felt that he wasn’t a bad person.  If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t have warned her to be careful like this old man.

The stall owner shook his head, “I know all the people who sell here in this underground market.  Of the people who sell metals, they have things of the same quality as mine, your spirit beast won’t like them.”

“Oh.”  A look of disappointment flashed on Ye Yu Xi’s face.

“Miss, are you a freshman at the Alchemist Academy?”  The stall owner saw how young Ye Yu Xi was and thought of something.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.

“If you’re a freshman of the Alchemist Academy and you want to buy rare metals, you can go to the Treasure Pavilion at the Alchemist Academy.”

“Many thanks, senior.”  Ye Yu Xi thanked him and spent several tens of thousands of gold coins to buy a piece of metal.

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t use this piece of metal, it was just to thank the old man.

Treasure Pavilion.

Ye Yu Xi remembered these two words.  The background of the Alchemist Academy was much deeper than what was seen on the surface.

After leaving the underground market, Ye Yu Xi went to the tea house where she agreed to meet Hei Feng Tian Zong in.

There were some normal people drinking on the first floor and the environment of the second floor was rather quiet.

Being led by the waiter, Ye Yu Xi went to the second floor.

“Waiter, I was in a rush and forgot to bring gold coins.  Tell your shop’s owner to keep a tab first and I’ll bring the money over another day.”

When she came to the second floor, she heard someone wanted to leave a “tab”.

The waiter quickly came to that person’s side, “This master, you’re joking.  Based on your appearance, you should be an inner court disciple.  Please stop making it hard for me with your identity, your pot of tea only costs five silver coins.  You just need to raise your hand and you’ll be able to pay this.”

Inner court?

Ye Yu Xi’s mind turned, could it be that this was an inner court disciple of the Alchemist Academy?

Looking over that person, he looked to be around twenty with a large face that was still considered handsome.  He looked a bit unshaven and a bit lackluster.

“I already said I didn’t bring any.  You’re still afraid that I’m not reliable enough to create a tab, so how about this……”

“I’ll pay for him.”  Ye Yu Xi came up behind the waiter and her beautiful eyes looked at the “inner court” disciple.

“Customer, you?”

The waiter turned to look at Ye Yu Xi.

“I’ll take pay for his tea and bring another pot, as well as some dessert.  Go.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand at the waiter.

“Alright, one pot of tea and four dishes of desserts.  Please wait a moment~~”

The waiter turned and ran downstairs.

“Who are you?”  The inner court disciple looked over Ye Yu Xi.

“You should thank me.”  Ye Yu XI looked right at the inner court disciple.

“You know me?”

“I don’t.”  Ye Yu Xi honestly said.

“You are a freshman this year?”  The inner court disciple raised a brow and sat back down.

Ye Yu Xi sat down in front of him and asked without replying, “You are an inner court disciple?”

“It seems like you’re a new one this year.  I am Chu Tian Che, I’ll owe you a favour for paying for me earlier.”  Chu Tian Che took a cool cup of tea from the table and drank it all.

Chu Tian Che……

Ye Yu Xi looked at his sorry appearance and felt that Chu Tian Che didn’t match him.

“I want to ask you a few things about the Alchemist Academy.”  Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile.

“Speak, but if you are a freshman of the Alchemist Academy, you should listen to my advice.”  Chu Tian Che calmly looked at Ye Yu Xi, not influenced by the cold and proud tone of Ye Yu Xi’s voice.

“What advice?”

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