Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 841

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Chapter 841: Everyone gather

“Everyone gather!”

When the sky became dark, a rough voice sounded through the yard.

Dong, dong, dong.

Large footsteps rang out.

Several hundred people ran out of the rooms and stood in the hall.

Ye Yu Xi and Hei Feng Tian Zong came out, with Bai Jin Yi staying inside and not showing himself.

When they came to the hall, Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.

It wasn’t because too many people came out.  Rather…..for the entire fourth floor, other than Ye Yu Xi, Hei Feng Tian Zong, and Hei Sha coming out, the others were all still inside.

The teacher in charge of the new students was standing by the square on the first floor.

“Close the door!  Tell those that aren’t in that they can scram back home.”  The teacher in charge waved his hand and the two students behind him went to close the door.

“Wai, wait a minute.”

There was a faint voice from outside.

Those two students had emotionless faces as they closed the door at a constant speed.


There seemed to be something hitting the door/

“Open the door, let us in.”

“Let us in!”

There wasn’t just one person outside, the cries came over each other.

In the square and in the hall, no one made a sound as they looked at the teacher by the door.

Peng, peng, peng!

The pounding on the door became louder.

“It’s not dark yet, why is the door closed!”

“Let me in.”

The teacher in charge looked over the square before looking up at the second and third floor corridors.

“This is your first time in the Alchemist Academy, this is a place where countless people soar and countless geniuses get cut down.”  The teacher’s voice rang through the yard, “The first thing you have to learn today is that luck is also a part of strength!”

No one said a thing.

Everyone believed that if the door closed ten seconds later, the people outside would have been able to come in.

It’s a pity……

Dong, dong, dong.

The giant sounds sounded like they were going to smash the door and the sounds were drowning out the teacher’s voice.

Everyone watched as the teacher waved his hand and the students behind him opened the door a sliver.

Hua la.

The four-five people came in front outside.

“Thank, thank you.”

The people charging in front didn’t even react yet.

“Stop!”  The teacher reprimanded, “You all no longer have the qualification to stand with them, scram out of this place.”

“Based on what!  It isn’t dark yet, why should we be expelled!”  A large youth wasn’t willing to give up.

On the second and third floor, some “new students” who already knew the rules closed their eyes.

After that.



The youth’s arms were broken and he fell onto the ground.

“Peak sixth spiritual level.  You’re stronger than most of the people in the square, but this is Sun Mound City and not your family’s practice ground!”  The teacher’s eyes filled with rage, “What Alchemist Academy doesn’t lack is talent!”


The doors were opened and the teacher sent the youth on the ground flying with a kick.

Sharp eyes looked at the other late students, “Do you want me to make a move or will you scram?”


The others swallowed with difficulty.  Too, too terrifying!

“We’ll leave, we’ll leave……”

They walked out of the door together.  They failed this year and could still participate next year, but if they were crippled like that person just now, their future would have been affected!

The doors were closed again.

The thousands of students in the yard looked at the teacher with eyes of fear.

“I came here today to tell you all some rules!”  The teacher looked over everyone and when his eyes reached the fourth floor, his pupils slightly became larger.

“The Alchemist Academy has two rules.  One, one isn’t allowed to cultivate any evil cultivation techniques, otherwise you will be killed by the Law Enforcement Hall once found.  Second, strength rules all! As long as you’re strong enough, you can steal anything. Cultivation techniques, pills, or even women, as long as you’re happy, the academy will never hold you responsible!”

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