Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 815

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Chapter 815: Quiet Poison Sect

“I won’t……”


One of them wanted to act strong, but golden flames erupted under his feet and surrounded him,

“I, I, I, I’ll talk.”  Even the teeth of the remaining person was trembling.

Other than the sect’s location, Bai Jin Yi also asked about their numbers and their influence.

“Everything you asked, I already answered.  Can, can you let me go now?” The eyes of the person in ash grey clothes were filled with fear.

Bai Jin Yi nodded, “Very good, I said that I would spare your life.”


Spiritual energy exploded from the dantian of the person in ash grey clothes and his cultivation was crippled.

With a flash, Bai Jin Yi reappeared on the Sand Dune over a hundred meters away.

“It seems like we need to take a detour.”  Bai Jin Yi stood beside Ye Yu Xi with a faint cold smile on his face.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and the two disappeared.

The person in ash grey clothes said that they were from the Silent Poison Sect, a power under the King of Hell’s Palace.  In order to celebrate the birthday of the King of Hell Palace’s palace head, so the Silent Poison Sect’s sect master set their eyes on the Sand Gold mine, hoping to find some Zinc Gold.

They never thought that they would meet Ye Yu Xi’s group.

The Silent Poison Sect was in another oasis of this desert, being three days travel from here.

Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi discussed it and decided to get rid of this evil!


Desert oasis, Gold Sand Village.

All the miners were distributed around the village, being on full alert.  It could be imagined that after that person escaped last time, he would definitely bring more people back for revenge!

“Village head!  Village head! They’re here!”  A miner quickly ran into the main hall.

“That group is here!”  The Gold Sand Village’s village head’s eyes popped out.  It had already been over seven days since they had attacked.

The Gold Sand Village’s village head and the fatty’s group predicted that they would come in three days, they never thought it would take all this time!

“No, it’s not them.  It’s young miss Ye and young master Bai.”  The miner quickly explained.


“Young miss Ye?”

The Gold Sand Village’s village head and the fatty stood up at the same time.

“Congratulations on the village head’s recovery.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice came from outside the door.

The others looked up and saw Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi already coming in.



“Many thanks to young miss Ye for this life saving grace.”  The Gold Sand Village’s village head bowed to Ye Yu Xi.

“The village head doesn’t need to be this polite.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“Boss, why did you come back so late?”   The fatty revealed a grin and his eyes lit up.

The boss was back, there was no need to be afraid even if those grandsons came back with a ninth spiritual level expert!

“We were busy with some things.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the Gold Sand Village’s village head, “Village head, I can see that quite a few people are standing guard.  If nothing is wrong, you can let them come back.”

“Oh, young miss Ye doesn’t know about this, but those people came again seven days ago and they were beaten away by these little brothers and young miss Hei Sha, but one escaped.  During these past few days, we estimated the other side would send more people to take revenge.” The Gold Sand Village’s village head explained.

“Let the people outside come back to the village to rest.  The Silent Poison Sect’s people won’t have a chance to come.”  Bai Jin Yi on the side revealed a faint smile.

The Gold Sand Village’s village head was stunned.

No chance to come……

Could it be……

“Young master Bai, your meaning is that……”  The Gold Sand Village’s village head’s eyes popped out.

“We met them a few days ago, so Ye Yu Xi and I took a trip to the Silent Poison Sect.”  Bai Jin Yi’s tone was very casual, just like he was taking a stroll at the Silent Poison Sect.

The Gold Sand Village’s village head looked at the elders, their eyes were all filled with disbelief.  The Silent Poison Sect, it didn’t just have a single ninth spiritual level expert!

They were destroyed by Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi alone?

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