Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 813

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Chapter 813: Early encounter (Part 1)

A tiger’s roar came from Bai Jin Yi’s mouth and shattered the crying around him.


Bai Jin Yi charged out of the wall.

Floating in the sky, Bai Jin Yi looked down at the tiger marks on his arm.  The golden marks were printed on his skin and were currently slowly disappearing.

“This inheritance, does it change one’s bloodline?”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes were filled with shock as he floated towards the building.

Long Xiao Pang inside raised his head, “Xiao Bai is coming,”

As soon as his voice fell, the stone door opened.

“You’re awake?”

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “How many days have we been out for?”

“Around seven-eight days.”  Bai Jin Yi counted in his heart.

“After resting for a day, let’s head back to the oasis.”  Ye Yu Xi made her decision.

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy was still overdrafted.  Without any mental energy, it greatly cut down on her power.

Her mental energy recovered much slower than she had thought.  It took an entire two days before Ye Yu Xi could force out her mental energy.

Bai Jin Yi had investigated around the building during this time.  After confirming that they didn’t miss anything, the two began heading back.

According to the time Gold Sand Village gave, there was still around three days before the King of Hell’s Palace’s people came to collect the Sand Gold ores.  They could still make it in time.

The two traveled for a day in the desert.

Looking at the starry night, Ye Yu Xi held the Qilin Horn in her hand as she felt her mental energy recover bit by bit.

Shua, shua, shua!

Soft sounds rang out.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi opened their eyes at the same time and looked at each other.  There’s people here!

Sou, sou, sou.

There wasn’t anyone that came out to attack, rather there was an ash grey figure quickly flying away.

Using mental energy to investigate that person, Bai Jin Yi sat up and said to Ye Yu Xi, “It seems like our luck isn’t bad, meeting them ahead of time.”

“King of Hell’s Palace’s people?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold.

“It shouldn’t be the King of Hell’s Palace itself, but one of the forces under them.  Let’s go take a look.” Bai Jin Yi stood up.

The two of them calmly followed behind the person in ash grey clothes.

“Reporting to the sect master, there are two people in front, one male and one female.”  The person in ash grey clothes ran in front of the horse carriage.

There were over ten people in grey clothes guarding around the horse carriage.

“Have you checked their identities?”  A hoarse voice came from the horse carriage.

“No, but that girl seems to have two treasures in her hand.”  The person in ash grey clothes remembered the silver glowing Qilin Horn in Ye Yu Xi’s hands.  Although he didn’t recognize it, he could sense that it was a treasure.

“Oh?  Go and take a look.”

“No need, we’re here.”  A cold voice came from a nearby sand dune.

“Above!”  A person in ash grey clothes pointed at a high sand dune.

Under the moon, the two silently stood there.  With their backs to the moon, people couldn’t see their faces.

“Sect master……”  A person in ash grey clothes said.

“Send two people over.”  A horse voice rang out.

Bai Jin Yi said to Ye Yu Xi in her mind, “These people, I’ll take care of them.”


A figure disappeared from the sand dune.

When those people in ash grey clothes reacted, Bai Jin Yi was already in front of them.

“Who are you!”  A person in ash grey clothes roared out.

Too fast, this speed was just too fast.  They couldn’t react to it at all!

“You are people from King of Hell’s Palace?”  Bai Jin Yi looked at the horse carriage. The one in the horse carriage was of a higher grade than the others.

“Kill him!”  The hoarse voice turned cold.


Bai Jin Yi moved back over ten feet, distancing himself from these people in ash grey clothes.

Ye Yu Xi stood on the sand dune without moving.  One reason was because her mental energy hadn’t recovered and the other reason was that she wanted to see what powers Bai Jin Yi had inherited.

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