Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: Three coloured lotus stand

The Strange Flame quickly gathered and in a minute, Ye Yu Xi’s upper body had returned to normal.  The purple flames had gathered under her waist and it continued to condense.

The Strange Flame inside Ye Yu Xi kept surging out.

The Burning Sea Thunder Flame began to gradually take form under the influence of the cultivation technique.

Ye Yu Xi’s body was raised and a meter tall flame lotus stand gathered under Ye Yu Xi.


Her eyes opened and shock appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes!

This……she had succeeded?!

Ye Yu Xi looked down at the flame lotus stand under her and it was just like the one described on the Heavenly Silkworm Silk.

If one wanted to mention a difference, the only difference was that the one described would have been dual coloured, but the one under Ye Yu Xi actually had three colours!

The lowest layer was turquoise, the lotus petals were purple Thunder Flames, and the middle of the lotus stand was sea blue!

The Hundred Flower Hands inside her kept turning, but spiritual energy didn’t flow into her palms.  Rather it went to her feet and continued forming the three coloured lotus stand.

Ye Yu Xi slowly stood up and the flame lotus stand under her trembled.  Ye Yu Xi quickly stabilized her spiritual energy and the lotus stand under her didn’t scatter in the end.

As expected it was fine!

Ye Yu Xi’s face filled with joy.  Such a strange cultivation technique.  Of all the cultivation technique Ye Yu Xi knew, flames could only be controlled with her hands.  With the Thousand Sound Hands and the Hundred Flower Hands, she could control Strange Flames with her feet.

The joy was fleeting.  Gathering the flame lotus was only the first step and the next step was controlling it.

According to the description on the Heavenly Silkworm Silk, with more control over the Hundred Flower Hands, one could control the rotation of the lotus stand and fly into the air.

Gathering her mind, spiritual energy wildly surged in her meridians.  The sea blue lotus stand under her didn’t move, but the purple lotus petals began to slowly rotate.

It didn’t move.

It didn’t move at all.

Shouldn’t she have gone into the air……

Ye Yu Xi looked down at the Heavenly Silkworm Silk and it was written: After the ninth spiritual level or above…..

It was because I’m too weak now.  Y e Yu Xi thought this as she took out three silver needles.

Sou, sou, sou.

The silver needles entered her body and Ye Yu Xi’s aura began to rise.  What changed along with this was the lotus stand under her feet.

The lotus stand swelled by half its size and the purple petals began to turn faster.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t gather her wings and the lotus stand had already lifted her up by over a meter.

Success!”  Ye Yu Xi let out a sigh of relief.  It was a good thing she didn’t fail the first two levels.

When she remembered the real use of the Hundred Flower Hands, Ye Yu Xi turned her hand and a suction force came out of her palm.  The lotus stand under her felt this force and a purple flame petal was pulled off, flying towards Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

When the flame petal left the lotus stand, it instantly turned into a small flame.

Only there was a trace of turquoise in this flame.

Dual coloured?

Ye Yu Xi was surprised.  Her lotus stand had three colours, but the flame that was separated only had two colours.  It seemed like the sea blue Burning Sea Flame wasn’t under her control yet.

The flame in her palm was agitated.  Ye Yu Xi could feel that after the purple flame mixed with the turquoise flame, its might was much bigger compared to before.

She used the Hundred Flower Hands again and the flame in her hand turned into a small lotus.

Holding this small lotus in one hand, Ye Yu Xi continued sending out spiritual energy.  The lotus stand under her shook before returning to normal.

A bitter curve appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s lips.  It seemed like even releasing her seal, her cultivation was still too weak.  She could only use the Hundred Flower Hands and if she wanted to use the Thousand Sound Hands, she had to be at least in the Yellow Spirit Realm!

The difference between the Hundred Flower Hands and the Thousand Sound Hands was quantity!

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