Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 794

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Chapter 794: People in ash grey clothes (Part 1)

Gu lu~~

Lin Zi Yao said that he wasn’t hungry, but his stomach had betrayed him.

“Go eat.  I have some things to discuss with you after you finish.”  Ye Yu Xi signaled with her eyes behind Lin Zi Yao.

“Big brother, there’s too much lamb meat.  The brothers can’t finish it, you need to help.”

Behind Lin Zi Yao, a man brought over a roasted lamb leg for him.

Lin Zi Yao turned to look at his brother smiling at him.  Not far away, all his brothers were looking at him.

Lin Zi Yao’s eyes turned red as he took the lamb leg, “Eat!  Everyone, let’s eat together!”

Ye Yu Xi watched Lin Zi Yao’s trembling shoulders and she smiled in her heart.  This scene, it was very familiar……


Five whole roasted lambs in just half an hour were cleaned by the men.

“You’re really willing to help us?”  Lin Zi Yao once again came in front of Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi nodded before Long Xiao Pang to the side interrupted, “Of course we’re not helping for free, you need to send someone to guide us to where the sandstorm is.”

“Just this single request?”  Lin Zi Yao’s eyes filled with surprise.  A child could actually speak for them!

Ye Yu Xi on the side nodded, silently agreeing to Long Xiao Pang’s condition.

“Alright!”  Lin Zi Yao immediately agreed.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the sky, the sun would rise in another few hours.

“Let’s go to the oasis and take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at everyone in high spirits.

With Lin Zi Yao leading the way, they moved very  quickly. At least they didn’t need Long Xiao Pang to lead the way.

Traveling through the night and most of the morning, they could vaguely see the oasis in front of them when it was close to noon.

“It’s right in front.”  Lin Zi Yao pointed forward.

Bai Jin Yi looked at the oasis and raised one brow.

Almost reaching their goal, everyone began to move faster.

As they came closer and closer, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes slightly narrowed.  This oasis…..it didn’t seem as poor as Lin Zi Yao said it was. At least there were still horse carriages!

Although they were horse carriages, what pulled them weren’t horses, but rather camels.

“This is bad, it’s them!”  Lin Zi Yan’s expression changed seeing the carriages and he charged towards the oasis.

“Quickly, quickly!”

The men all began charging forward.

“It seems like those people are here to take things.”  Bai Jin Yi came up beside Ye Yu Xi.

“Let’s go take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was ice cold.

In the oasis, there was a village that wasn’t too big.

Everyone was gathered in an empty space and they looked at the people in ash grey clothes with eyes of fear.

“There’s still half a month before it’s time to pay the gold ores.  You paid 20% less half a year ago and our palace head didn’t punish you.  If you pay even less this half a year, don’t blame us for not being polite!”  The person in ash grey clothes stood on a rock looking over the hundreds of people in the village.

“The things we should give you, we have already given!”  An old man of the village looked at them with a dark expression.

“Humph, we’ll see when the time comes, we’re just afraid you won’t be honest.”  The person in ash grey clothes looked over the crowd with date shaped eyes.

Suddenly the person in ash grey clothes raised his hand to point out, “Grab that girl for me.  I’m telling you, if you don’t obediently give us the stuff in half a month, we’ll let her go! Otherwise!”

“No!  I won’t go!  Let me go!” A weak looking girl struggled to dive into the crowd.

“Come here you!”  A person in ash grey clothes had quick hands and grabbed the girl’s wrist.

“Let go of Ai Na.”  Lin Zi Yao roared out as he charged over.


The eyes of the leading person in ash grey clothes turned cold.  He looked over to the side and saw Lin Zi Yao before revealing a smile of disdain, “I was wondering who it was, but it was just you.”

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