Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 793

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Chapter 793: Lin Zi Yao

The desert was very quiet at night and there were faint sha, sha sounds that become more prominent in the ears of Ye Yu Xi’s group.

The fatty, Ye Wen, Hei Feng Tian Zong, and Hei Sha had also noticed it.

“Master, do we make a move?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong asked Ye Yu Xi in his mind.

“Wait and see.”  Ye Yu Xi looked over at Ma Luo, “It should be Ma Luo’s companions.”

The sand bubbles approached and quickly moved towards Ye Yu Xi.


A figure jumped out from the sand.


The “pickaxe” in that person’s hand fell onto Bai Jin Yi and a layer of golden light around Bai Jin Yi blocked that “pickaxe”.

“Big brother Lan, they are good people!”  Ma Luo quickly called out.

“Ma Luo?”  Lan Wo Nong raised a brow and moved several steps back, vigilantly watching Bai Jin Yi.

Shua, shua, shua.

Several more men jumped out around them.

“Ma Luo, are you alright!”  The leader saw Ma Luo and his voice was filled with shock.

“Big brother Ling, I’m fine.  Everyone stop, young miss Ye is a good person and will help us!”  Ma Luo explained to the leader Lin Zi Yao.

“Help us?”  Lin Zi Yao’s voice was filled with uncertainty.

“What?  You don’t believe?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and she instantly released her killing intent.

The dry and cold desert suddenly became freezing.

Killing intent, this was killing intent!  It was even stronger killing intent than that ash grey robed person!

Feeling this killing intent, Lin Zi Yao understood.  If they wanted to kill them, their brothers could only fall to the ground.

Lin Zi Yao looked at the others and everyone put down their weapons.

“Ma Luo, what is going on?”  Lin Zi Yao’s cold face looked at Ma Luo.

After half an hour, Ma Luo finally told them everything that had happened.

The men all surrounded Ma Luo and when they heard Ma Luo say that Ye Yu Xi treated him to meat, the men all unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Ye Yu Xi saw everything and said nothing.

Lin Zi Yao looked over at Hei Sha.  He never thought that such a young girl was actually a ninth spiritual level expert!

Then he looked at Ye Yu Xi.  Ma Luo said that this young miss Ye was their leader, so to make a ninth spiritual level expert follow her, just how high was her cultivation?

“Fatty, give them some roasted meat.”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand at the fatty.

The fatty looked at the faces and number of the men.  They all had sunken eyes and looked very skinny, so he took out three large whole roasted lambs from his Space Ring.

“Brothers, the lamb meat is a bit cold, but it’s too late to start a fire, so just deal with it for now.”  The fatty put the whole roasted lambs on the ground.

“Thank you.”  Lin Zi Yao’s lips quivered.

The large men swallowed mouthfuls of saliva as they looked at the lamb meat, but not a single person moved.

Lin Zi Yao saw his brothers’ hungry gazes, “Eat, we’ll go to another place after we finish eating.”

The men came forward.

Most of them were like hungry wolves, even swallowing the bones that weren’t considered too hard.

There were some men who took out the rotten mantous from their chest and swallowed them.  They used the cloth to wrap up the lamb beat to bring back……to their wife and kids……

“Fatty, give them two more.”  Ye Yu Xi saw their actions and pity filled her heart.

They were not bad people, they could only rely on their own strength and two hands to survive, but……They met people who were stronger than them, so they could only be their slaves.

This was…..the Purple Cloud Continent!

“Thank you young miss.  We hope the young miss does not mind the things from before.”  Lin Zi Yao walked up to Ye Yu Xi.

“You’re not hungry?”  Ye Yu Xi saw that Lin Zi Yao didn’t go eat the lamb meat.

Lin Zi Yao looked at his wolf like brothers and his lips quivered, “I as the big brother have no skills, so they……It has already been several days since they had their fill.”

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