Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 791

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Chapter 791: Anyway not thinking about you

Sent to death?

Ye Yu Xi laughed in her heart.  With Long Xiao Pang here, even without them making a choice, Long Xiao Pang would be the first to run if there was any danger.

“Did something happen with your Sand Gold mine?”  An evil charming voice came from Bai Jin Yi’s mouth.

Ma Luo nodded, “Two years ago, someone set their eyes on the Sand Gold Mine and had us pay large amounts of gold ores every half a year.  If we couldn’t pay it, they would kill the elderly and the children in the village.”

“Your cultivations are considered quite good, you didn’t go all out with him?”  The fatty was surprised.

“We did, but we couldn’t win.”  Ma Luo shook his head.

“What happened after?”  Ye Yu Xi had Ma Luo continue.

“They had a ninth spiritual level expert, so we couldn’t win and could only buy our lives.  We dug out the gold ores in the village to give to them.” There was a trace of hatred in Ma Luo’s voice.

Ye Yu Xi’s group understood, no wonder Ma Luo’s group of bandits were eating rotten mantous.

“There hasn’t been as much Sand Gold as last year and those people want us to give the same amount of gold ores, but we can’t take them out……”

“So you began robbing caravans in the desert?”  The fatty looked at Ma Luo.

“Un, if we couldn’t hand the stuff over, they would kill people.  We had no other choice, we could only steal.

Everyone was silent……

No wonder those caravans only had their items robbed and everyone was released.

“Brother, you heard just now, we are only heading to the oasis to see the sandstorm, we’re not helping you, hei, hei.”  The fatty laughed. Everyone could understand the meaning in his words.

Ma Luo looked at the fatty with gratitude before turning to Ye Yu Xi to say, “They also have a ninth spiritual level expert and the head of our village is only in the eighth spiritual level, as well as having been heavily injured by them.  You can not come to the village, I won’t blame you.”

“I have other things to do.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a cold voice.

But she was thinking about what Long Xiao Pang said.

They came to find the sandstorm this time.  She never thought that the Thousand Hand Guanyin’s residence would be in that place……

They had been talking for an hour and night had fallen when they finished…..

The desert night sky rarely had clouds and was filled with stars.  This kind of scene was something that couldn’t be seen in modern cities.

Ye Yu Xi laid on top of her blanket and looked up at the starry sky with her hands behind her head.

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx dug into Ye Yu Xi’s chest.

“This is not for you to stay.”  Bai Jin Yi walked over and pulled the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx out of Ye Yu Xi’s chest.

Ye Yu Xi felt her chest become lighter.  Her beautiful eyes turned and she matched gazes with Bai Jin Yi.

She looked at Bai Jin Yi’s face from below.  His face was well carved out, especially his starry eyes, matching the vast stars behind him.  It was very deep and a bit mesmerizing.

Zhi, zhi.

The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx in Bai Jin Yi’s hand pitifully called out to Ye Yu Xi, begging her for help.

“Let it go.”  Ye Yu Xi’s vermilion lips slightly parted.

Bai Jin Yi revealed an evil charming smile and released his hand.  The Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx ran to Ye Yu Xi’s side, burying its head in her arms and hiding.

“What are you thinking?”  Bai Jin Yi put his blanket down beside Ye Yu Xi.

“Anyway, I’m not thinking about you.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi sitting beside her, but she didn’t make him leave.

“Then that means you’ve thought of me before.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed an evil charming smile.

“No.”  Ye Yu Xi’s answer was very clear.

“When you go to the Alchemist Academy, I might need to leave for a while.”  Bai Jin Yi said in a soft voice. In his starry eyes, there was an indescribable feeling.

“Where are you going?”  Ye Yu Xi took the rare initiative to ask him.

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