Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: Princess please calm yourself

“Ah!”  The fatty’s eyes popped out, “Princess~~”

“You have such a high status, you wouldn’t steal something from a citizen like me, right?”  The fatty had a smile on his face, but there was a cold smile in his heart.


So what if she’s a princess?  Our boss even dared to kill a prince, there is no need to mention a princess like you.

“Speak, how much for you to give this blade to me.”  Yuan Na’s face turned dark and she forced down the rage in her heart.

“A ruler doesn’t steal what people love.  Princess, you better look somewhere else, I won’t sell this blade!”  The fatty said this and threw the blade into his ring.

“Don’t forget, this is the Origin Flame Country!”  Princess Yuan Na’s voice gradually turned cold.

“Princess please calm yourself, princess please calm yourself.”  Ge Lei naturally couldn’t let the two fight, so he began to mediate.

“Humph!”  Yuan Na looked at the fatty and gave a cold snort before not saying anything else.

In the Origin Flame Country, who dared go against her?!

Everyone knew that as long as princess Yuan Na liked something, she would definitely get it.

“Princess, this blade is a bit too big for you.  A lancet is still most suited to the princess, it doesn’t hurt to refine a lancet.”  Ge Lei gave a suggestion with a smile.

“Can master Ge Lei refine a weapon of this grade?”  Yuan Na was still filled with rage as she looked at Ge Lei.

Ge Lei heard the taunt in Yuan Na’s voice and a trace of dissatisfaction flashed on his face.

“Princess, since this young master is not willing to give a price, how about having this master refine another weapon?”  Commander An following her gave her a suggestion.

Yuan Na was just about to speak.

“Master Ge Lei, we still have other things to do and are in a rush, so we won’t disrupt the princess and the master’s talks anymore.”  Ye Yu Xi said with a hint of teasing to her voice.


Yuan Na’s sharp eyes instantly fell onto Ye Yu Xi.

“Aiya, I’ve been forging for several hours now, so I’m tired.  Master Ge Lei, we really do have some other things, so we’ll be leaving first.  Until we meet again.” Hei Feng Tian Zong took Hei Sha’s hand and followed Ye Yu Xi out.

“Goodbye, goodbye.”  The fatty had a faint smile.  He even deliberately showed off to princess Yuan Na before running after Ye Yu Xi.

Hu!  Hu!

Princess Yuan Na’s fists were tightly clenched, “Commander An!”

“Here!”  Commander An was already prepared to make a move, he was just waiting for Yuan Na’s orders.

“Princess!”  Ge Lei’s face fell, “This is the Ge Manor, I hope the princess will remember your identity!”

Ge Lei’s words had two meanings.  One was for Yuan Na to pay attention to his status, since this was Ge Lei’s manor.  The other was that someone who could refine a weapon like this, was his family background simple?

Ye Yu Xi took a look at Yuan Na and a trace of a smile appeared on her lip before she left the Ge Manor with the others.

After being reprimanded by Ge Lei, Yuan Na calmed down.  She was a bit surprised, how had she been angered by the other side!

Because of that ugly monster?  Or was it because of the fatty?!

Taking a few deep breaths, Yuan Na’s expression returned to normal before she said to Ge Lei, “I’ll have to trouble the master in terms of the weapon.”  After saying this, Yuan Na turned to walk out the door.

“Princess.”  Ge Lei’s face sunk as he suddenly called out to Yuan Na, “Princess, Spiritual Weapons are very hard to refine, so I ask the princess to prepare two sets of materials.”

Yuan Na’s face changed before it settled, “Understood.”

Yuan Na brought her people to leave the Ge Manor.

Luo Di watched them leave before moving to Ge Lei’s side, “Master, princess Yuan Na doesn’t seem too happy.”

“Humph, only a princess, thinking that she really is the emperor.  Forget her. For the next seven days, close the gates and don’t welcome and guests, master will be practicing my hammer technique.”  Ge Lei flicked his sleeve and headed to the secret room.

“Yes.”  Luo Di replied as a trace of bitterness appeared on his lips.

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