Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 779

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Chapter 779: Blade formed

“Understood.  Royal father, I will have discretion.”  The anger in the depths of Yuan Na’s eyes kept growing.


Guang ka!  Guang ka!

The profound iron and fine steel had been refined for an hour before Hei Feng Tian Zong finally lifted the hammer.

Ge Lei and Luo Di watched Hei Feng Tian Zong’s actions without even blinking.

The hundred pound hammer was like a part of his arm.

“Hei Sha, I will use the Black Jade Hand later, so have them go out.”  Hei Feng Tian Zong saw that the metal in the forge was pretty much done, so he sent a message to Hei Sha.

Hei Sha nodded and walked over to master Ge Lei.

“Master Ge Lei, miss Ye, the Wind Thunder Eight Hammers have been finished.  Next is Tian Zong’s inherited family technique, so……” In order to not cause resentment with Ge Lei, Hei Sha could only include Ye Yu Xi’s group.

“Understood, understood.  Miss Ye, let’s go sit in the hall and leave this place to brother Feng.”  Ge Lei made an inviting gesture with his hand.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and headed to the hall with Ge Lei.

Hei Sha sent them out and used her mental energy to check the surroundings.  After ensuring that no one was around, she nodded to Hei Feng Tian Zong.


Hei Feng Tian Zong’s aura changed.  He circulated the Black Wind Art inside him and the air around him froze, as a layer of grey appeared on his hands.

With no fear of the heat of the flame, he put his hands into the forge.


Inside the hall.

“If I may ask a question, based on your clothes, you don’t seem to be from the Origin Flame Country.  Since you’re here, are you planning to stay long? If you are staying long, perhaps this old man can help you a bit.”  Ge Lei picked up a cup of tea as he spoke to them.

“We’re just passing here.  In a few days, we need to take a trip to the Sand Tower Desert.”  Ye Yu Xi said where they were going.

Sand Tower Desert.

Luo Di on the side who had been carefully waiting came forward to say, “You are going to the Sand Tower Desert?”

“Un, what is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Luo Di.

“Miss might not know this, but the Sand Tower Desert has been in unrest lately.  There’s been a wave of bandits and there have already been seven-eight caravans who have disappeared in the desert.”  Luo Di said.

“Master, master, princess Yuan Na is here!”

Before Ye Yu Xi could speak, a servant quickly ran in.

“Princess Yuan Na?”  Ge Lei was stunned. Why was she here?  He looked over at Ye Yu Xi’s group.

“The princess is here, we should go welcome here.”  A sparkle appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes. This princess Yuan Na, she really had fate with her.

Ge Lei walked in front and came out the door.

“I never thought that the Origin Flame Country’s royal edict wouldn’t move you all, so this little girl could only personally come.  Aren’t you introducing yourselves yet?” Yuan Na looked at Ye Yu Xi’s group coming over and came out of the horse carriage.

“Greetings to the princess.”  Ge Lei said.

Ye Yu Xi’s group didn’t even greet her.

Princess Yuan Na saw Ye Yu Xi’s group not bowing and not even giving her a greeting, so her eyes turned cold.

But this time she was here asking for a request, so the coldness in Yuan Na’s eyes was suppressed.

“Master, these people, are you not planning on introducing them?”  Yuan Na revealed a smile.

“No need, we’re people from the countryside.  Even if we said our names, the princess wouldn’t recognize them.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a cold voice.

Princess Yuan Na’s eyes turned even colder!

“Master, they are guests of your manor?”  Yuan Na’s voice gradually turned cold.


There was a giant sound and even the ground trembled.

This is bad!  The forge!

Ge Lei and Ye Yu Xi’s expressions changed at the same time.

Without even answering princess Yuan Na, they walked to the back yard.

“Princess, it seems master Ge Lei’s forge is in that direction.”  Commander An standing behind Yuan Na said in a low voice.

Yuan Na suppressed the rage in her heart, “Let’s go over and take a look.”

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