Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 778

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Chapter 778: Rejecting the royal edict

This kid, he really was a genius weapon refiner!

Ge Lei’s heart was filled with ripples.  He was called the number one weapon refiner in the Origin Flame Country, but he had only started fusion forging when he was forty.  This kid……he was only twenty?

Other than the sound of the large bellows blowing, no one else made a sound.


Da, da, da.

Horse hooves quickly moved through the street, causing the street to be deserted.

The horse stopped in front of Ge Lei’s manor and the guard came off the horse before running into the manor.

“Master, an edict from the palace is here.”  A servant reported in a low voice from outside.


Ge Lei was immersed in Hei Feng Tian Zong’s skilled hands when he was suddenly disrupted.  His brows knit and he went out with a dark face.

“Master, the emperor has given an edict.  He’s asking the outside weapon refiners to the palace for a talk.”  The guard softly read the edict, not having a trace of arrogance in his voice.

Master Ge Lei, he even dared to not give the emperor face.  He was just a guard, he didn’t dare act up in front of Ge Lei.

Outside weapon refiners?!

Ge Lei’s eyes fell onto Hei Feng Tian Zong who was refining.

Weapon refiners hated being disrupted while refining the most.

“Many thanks for the emperor’s good intentions.  Help me relay that we’re still busy and we won’t go to the royal palace.”  Ye Yu Xi was standing behind Ge Lei.

Ge Lei was shocked.  When did this girl come out, why didn’t he sense it at all?

“This young miss, this royal edict……”

“We’re busy, we have no time.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was cold.

“Master, this……”  The guard felt a bit awkward.

“Follow what this miss said.”  Ge Lei was anxious to see Hei Feng Tian Zong’s hammering skills, he didn’t have any patience.

The guard cupped his hands and returned to the palace in a depressed manner.

Hong, hong, hong.

The fine steel had been heated and Hei Feng Tian Zong finally picked up the hammer beside him.

A kacha sound rang out in the yard.


Inside the royal palace.

Yuan Na was obediently massaging the emperor’s legs as she said in a sweet voice, “Royal father, for my trip to the Alchemist Academy, if I have a good weapon, it will definitely help my cultivation.  If your daughter can enter the inner yard at that time, it will be a joyful matter for the Origin Flame Country.”

“Yuan Na, you’ve already said this many times.  I’ve already helped you write the edict, so when the weapon refiners come, help your royal father by giving some silence.”  The old emperor had a helpless look on his face.


The guard quickly ran into the palace.

“Greetings your majesty, greetings princess.”  The guard from before fell onto one knee.

“Where are the weapon refiners?”  Yuan Na saw the guard and immediately focused on him.

“Reporting to the princess, they, they……”  The guard didn’t dare speak.

“Where are they!  Speak!” Yuan Na’s face was filled with anxiety.

“They said they had no time, they, they wouldn’t come to the palace.”  The guards voice became softer and softer.

“What!”  Yuan Na was shocked.

The emperor’s face  had a trace of discontent.

“Do they not want to live!  They even dare refuse the royal edict!”  Yuan Na’s face was filled with rage.

“Yuan Na.”  The emperor said in a dark voice, “Tell us clearly what happened just now.”

The guard fell to the ground and told everything about Ye Yu Xi’s refusal and master Ge Lei’s attitude.

“That ugly monster!”  Yuan Na thought about the normal looking Ye Yu Xi, there was indeed this person.

“Yuan Na, master Ge Lei is someone with limits.  For him to be this respectful, these people must have some backing.”  The old emperor’s mind was clear, instantly seeing through the situation.

“Royal father, I will personally send the edict.  I don’t believe they would refuse to give even the princess face!”  A trace of anger flashed in Yuan Na’s eyes.

The emperor looked at Yuan Na’s appearance and helplessly shook his head, “Have commander An and commander Luo come with you.  Be careful not to stir up trouble.”

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