Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 761

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Chapter 761: Entering the palace (Part 2)

This, this was fine already?

The doctors in the doctors yard were all useless things.  Ye Yu Xi had taken care of it by just standing there for a bit?!

The third prince was shocked.  Was it that those doctors in the palace were just too trash or was Ye Yu Xi’s current cultivation just too heaven defying?

Peng, peng, peng.

Soft knocks sounded on the door.

The confidant said from outside, “Reporting to your highness, the forty three eunuchs and maids are here.”

“Miss Ye, it’s these people.”  The third prince looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Let’s go out and take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi stretched out her hand.

They came out of the room.

The over forty eunuchs and maids stood in the empty area outside the room and quite a few had confused looks on their faces.


Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy instantly covered them.

There was nothing strange and Ye Yu Xi took back her mental energy.  Impossible, the poison in the emperor’s body, it was clearly accumulated over time!

“Huo Ling.”  Ye Yu Xi called in her mind.

In front of everyone, Huo Ling appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“Master, what did you look for this treasure for?”  Huo Ling gave a yawn.

“Of these people, who do you hate?”  Ye Yu Xi used her eyes to point at the eunuchs and maids.

“I don’t like any of them, I only like master.”  Huo Ling said in a cute voice.

Towards Huo Ling’s reaction……Ye Yu Xi……

“Of their auras, which ones do you hate?”  Ye Yu Xi’s rubbed Huo Ling’s little head.

Huo Ling focused a bit and flew over these people.

“Master, this, this, her aura is the same as the seventh prince.”  Huo Ling stopped above a maid.

Seeing Ye Yu Xi looked over, that maid’s expression kept changing.

Ye Yu Xi looked at this normal looking maid and sent out her mental energy again.

She investigated the maids body and didn’t find anything strange.  Ye Yu Xi could only admit that…..in terms of sensing aura, she was weaker than Huo Ling by a bit!

When Ye Yu Xi looked at the maid, the third prince and all the surrounding guards and eunuchs all looked at this maid.

The aura of the yard instantly became very tense.


“Third, third prince, spare me.  This servant knows her mistakes.”  The maid suddenly kneeled down and kowtowed.

“Miss Ye, this maid……”  The prince looked at Ye Yu Xi beside him.

“The poison in the emperor, she has a part in it.”  Ye Yu Xi said in a soft voice.

The third prince’s eyes instantly widened and a slight rage filled them, “Someone!”

“Third highness, spare me, third highness, spare me.”  The maid saw the guard coming over and fell to the ground.

“Your highness.”  A commander asked the third prince for orders.

“Take her down and cut her head off.”  A fierce look appeared on the third prince’s face.


“Your highness, spare me, this servant knows her mistakes……”  The maid’s crying went further and further.

The third prince looked at the rest of the people and said in a cold voice, “Pass down my order, investigate the palace staff.  Catch them and don’t leave a single one!”

“Yes!”  The confidant lowered his head.

Ye Yu Xi saw everything.  The third prince did have a bit of fierceness, but…..that didn’t matter to her.

“Your highness, the poison in the emperor has already been taken care of, we’ll be leaving first.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“Alright, I’ll send miss Ye out.”  The third prince politely said.

Before leaving the palace, Bai Jin Yi said to the third prince, “There is a shack for firewood in the back of the palace, it’s best if you send someone to investigate it.”

After saying this, Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi left the palace.

“Your highness.”  The confidant also heard what Bai Jin Yi said.

“Send someone to investigate it!”  A glow appeared in the third prince’s eyes.

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