Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 760

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Chapter 760: Entering the palace (Part 1)

In the evening, Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were sitting in a horse carriage heading to the palace.

With the token from the third prince, no one tried to stop them.

“Miss Ye, you’re finally here.”  The third prince personally came out of his study to welcome them, giving them a bow, “Miss Ye, young master Bai, this way please.”

“Your highness called me over, I wonder for what reason.”  Ye Yu Xi sat down in the chair.

“This……I won’t hide it from the miss.”  The third prince hesitated a bit, “My royal father’s body, I always suspected it was tricks from the seventh prince.  Royal father’s eunuchs and maids are all confidants of the seventh prince, but now they have all been purged and my royal father’s body……”

“The third prince’s meaning is……”

“My meaning is to ask the miss to help cure my royal father.”  The third prince stood up and gave a bow to Ye Yu Xi.


Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes looked at the third prince as she thought this person really wasn’t bad.  If it was anyone else, as the royal heir, they would want the emperor to die as soon as possible.

“I ask the miss to help, so I hope miss Ye can accept this bit of goodwill.”  The third prince directly put a Space Ring into Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

There was a brief silence in the study.

“I can help, but I have a condition.”  Ye Yu Xi slowly said.

“Please speak, miss Ye.”

“Blood Enchantress can freely move across the Ice Mist Country’s borders, the Ice Mist Country’s army can’t stop them.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the third prince. For this chance to come to her, it would be a waste not to use it.

“Alright!  I will send down the order and give special status tokens for our Blood Enchantress friends.”  The third prince immediately agreed.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, “This is good, let’s go see the emperor’s wounds.”

The third prince personally led the way for her, leading them to the emperor’s room.

The room was lit up and there were some eunuchs and maids carefully guarding on the side.

“The two of you, please come in.”  The third prince personally opened the door for them.

Entering the room, Ye Yu Xi first checked it out with her mental energy.


She took a deep sniff.  This scent, it was so fragrant.

She came in front of the bed where the emperor was still sleeping.  He looked quite peaceful, there wasn’t a sign that he was poisoned at all.

But the more it was like this, Ye Yu Xi knew that the more troublesome the emperor’s body was!

She sent a trace of spiritual energy in and she went through the poisons in the «Poison Sect’s Secret Tome» in her mind, before recognizing it.

She looked over at the third prince, “I need your highness’ help.”

“Miss, please speak.”  The third prince’s eyes instantly turned serious.

What was it that Ye Yu Xi’s strength couldn’t solve and even needed his help!

“I need your highness to gather all the eunuchs and maids assigned to this room in the last week, I have something to ask them.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

“Alright.”  The third prince replied before waving his hand to have his confidant call everyone.

Ye Yu Xi looked to the side.

The third prince waved his hand to let the maids and eunuchs also retreat.

Ye Yu Xi slightly bent over and blocked the third prince’s line of sight, as she took off the golden silk glove on her right hand.

A purplish black finger with three silver lines was placed on the emperor’s wrist and a trace of spiritual energy was sent in.

She activated the Dark Poison God’s Art inside her.

The emperor had taken a mixed poison, making it more complicated.  It would be hard to solve this in a short period of time using refined pills, so to save herself the trouble, Ye Yu Xi directly used her body to take care of the poison.

After around ten minutes, the emperor’s breathing became much more stable.

“Alright, the main poison has been taken care of, now he just needs to rest.”  Ye Yu Xi took back her spiritual energy and put the golden silk glove back on.

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