Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 750

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Chapter 750: Cold and unyielding (Part 1)

“Kid Bai.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand called.

“Grandmother.”  The worry on Bai Jin Yi’s face faded a bit.

“You and that girl, your relation…..is not normal.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand had her back to Bai Jin Yi. When she spoke, there was a warm look in her eyes!

“Grandmother is joking.”  Bai Jin Yi quickly hid it, “When I was saving Shi Ying, I owed Ye Yu Xi a favour, so I……”

“With Medicine King Valley’s strength and status, not to mention a single favour, even a thousand favours can be returned.  To have the young valley lord willing to help. This grandmother is a person with experience and I understand this matter.” Grandmother Cloud Hand calmly said.

“Grandmother, I……”

“Kid Bai, you know your own identity and there are many people who care about your life.  This grandmother won’t interfere with the matters of you young people, but I must warn you, don’t follow your grandfather’s old path.”

“Grandmother’s teachings are correct, this junior will remember them.”  Bai Jin Yi swallowed the explanations he wanted to give.

“Let’s go, let’s take a look at your little girl.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand gave a sigh.

Bai Jin Yi quickly came forward to hold Grandmother Cloud Hand by her hand.


On the barren mountain.

Silence, even the wind had calmed down.


Hei Feng Tian Zong was sprawled on the ground with a look of unwillingness and shock.  There was no helping it, compared to Jiu Chen Yin, he was just too weak!


Ye Wen spat out a mouthful of blood and was also sprawled on the ground.  Her eyes were also filled with unwillingness.

Of these people, the most pitiful was the fatty.

After the fatty fell to the ground, without having time to get up, the air was frozen by this giant pressure.

No matter what the fatty did, the only thing he could do was slightly look up at his boss and Jiu Chen Yin.

“Your foundation isn’t bad.”  Jiu Chen Yin saw Ye Yu Xi whose body was empty standing there and a strange glow appeared in her eyes.


Jiu Chen Yin’s jade fist tightened again and the pressure in the air suddenly doubled!

Un humph!  Pu!

Hei Sha who had the highest cultivation couldn’t take this pressure anymore.  With a grunt, she fell onto one knee and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Jiu Chen Yin, so strong!

Hei Sha’s eyes were filled with shock!

Just based on pressure alone, she couldn’t take it with her ninth spiritual level cultivation.  If they had fought just now, the results could be imagined.

When this pressure was controlled to a certain extent, if you kneeled, the pressure would be reduced quite a bit.

Hei Sha looked up at Ye Yu Xi who was still standing in front of her.

Ye Yu Xi just stood there, not moving at all faced with this kind of pressure.

“Un?”  Jiu Chen Yin watched as Ye Yu Xi’s body trembled unconsciously, as her firm eyes matched her gaze with a serious look in her eyes.

This mind isn’t bad!


Jiu Chen Yin’s eyes turned cold again!


The pressure in the air increased again and this time, the ground was flattened a bit.

Ka, ka!

Ye Yu Xi stood there and it seemed like the sounds of her bones breaking rang out.

Ye Yu Xi’s foundation surpassing normal people’s wasn’t false, but there was still a limit to how strong her body was.  When Hei Sha kneeled down, Ye Yu Xi was already at her limit.

Only, Ye Yu Xi’s mind didn’t allow her to yield!

Even if the enemy was strong, so what?

Cold and unyielding, not even bending for a mountain.  Even if she died, she still had to stand and would never yield!

Between dying or kneeling, Ye Yu Xi…..chose the former.


Jiu Chen Yin’s pupils narrowed.  Ye Yu Xi was actually smiling!

Ye Yu Xi’s cold eyes looked straight, “You can kill me, but if you want me to yield, in!  Your! Dreams!”

That smile was filled with madness

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