Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 749

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Chapter 749: Mighty Jiu Chen Yin (Part 2)

“Bai Jin Yi, he is not someone you can match.”  Jiu Chen Yin’s voice sounded again.

Just a sentence revealed the difference in status between the two.

“You’re caring too much!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned strangely cold and it even filled with killing intent!

“A trivial ninth spiritual level cultivation.  You think…..you have any qualification to speak in front of me?!”  Jiu Chen Yin’s eyes also turned cold.

Su, su, su.

The mountain wind suddenly became bigger.

The leaves swirled around them.

Suddenly, Jiu Chen Yin’s face changed.  There was a playful expression in her eyes as she slowly reached out her hand, “You little bit of strength, you don’t have the qualification to run wild.  In front of absolute strength, you have to learn to…..yield!

Hong long!

Five fingers clenched and it was like the sky fell.  On the mountain peak, the air seemed to freeze.


Going back in time.

Grandmother Cloud Hand grabbed Bai Jin Yi’s wrist and the two disappeared.  In the blink of an eye, they came to another mountain peak.

Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes calmed down and he looked at the old woman.  Bai Jin Yi quickly greeted, “Junior Bai Jin Yi greets Grandmother Cloud Hand.”

“Kid Bai, you don’t need to be this polite.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand raised her hand and used spiritual energy to make Bai Jin Yi stand up, “Last time I saw you, I cured your injuries ten years ago.”

“Yes, many thanks for grandmother’s life saving grace back then.”  Bai Jin Yi’s face was filled with respect.

“I’ve long heard of the Purple Cloud Twin Heroes, Jin Yi and Qing Feng.  Your cultivation, it isn’t like this.” Grandmother Cloud Hand looked over him and had long seen the strangeness with Bai Jin Yi’s body.

“There has been some changes lately.”  A bitter smile appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s lips.  He didn’t want to suppress his cultivation either!

“Forget it, that’s your matter and your path.  No matter how you walk it, an old person like me shouldn’t interfere.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand’s eyes didn’t show a single sign of curiosity.

“Many thanks to grandmother for understanding.”  Bai Jin Yi cupped his hands again.

“The old thing in the Medicine King Valley, how has he been lately?”  There was a bit of a struggle in Grandmother Cloud Hand’s eyes.

“Reporting to grandmother, grandfather is the same, his injuries haven’t gotten better at all.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand called his grandfather an old thing, but Bai Jin Yi didn’t dare be dissatisfied at all.

“That old thing, he always contested for strength and lost half his life in the end!  He deserves it!” Grandmother Cloud Hand seemed to be talking to herself.

Bai Jin Yi respectfully stood on the side, not daring to speak.

“Kid Bai.”  After Grandmother Cloud Hand was done reminiscing, she looked over Bai Jin Yi behind her.


“That little girl, whether it is backing or talent, she can’t compare to the girl from the Bai Hua Family.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand spoke in a soft voice.

“Grandmother, it isn’t like you don’t know this junior’s matters.  If the Blood Poison isn’t cure, I can only live a few years. With how talented young miss Bai Hua is, marrying a person who will die soon…..”  Bai Jin Yi didn’t finish his words.

“Humph.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand’s wrinkled face revealed a smile, “You’re just humouring me.  The things between you young people, it is up to you. If I have time, I’ll go to the Medicine King Valley to see that old thing.”

“We respectfully await grandmother.”  A smile appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s face.

Hong long!

A giant spiritual energy wave came from where Ye Yu Xi was, Bai Jin Yi could sense it even where he was standing!

Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed as his starry eyes looked over, “Grandmother, Jiu Chen Yin, she……”

Jiu Chen Yin was named Ice Girl, having a very dominating personality.  Adding in the fact that Ye Yu Xi had the same personality, if the two were together…..

The probability of them getting along was close to zero!

“Yin Yin knows how to have discretion.”  Grandmother Cloud Hand took a look at Bai Jin Yi.

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