Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 708

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Chapter 708: Definitely dead (Part 1)

Ye Yu Xi slightly looked up.


There were vines all around and there were some vines that were cut every few meters, creating a path.

If people were in front, this was definitely marks left by them.  When they entered the mountain, they should be able to notice more traces.

“They’re not near.”  Long Xiao Pang brought back his mental energy and pointed in front, “They are far ahead.”

“Go, we’ll take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi’s face became slightly cold.

Anyone able to walk here definitely wasn’t weak!

Other than Long Xiao Pang, the others put on their cloaks and moved forward without making a sound.

Like Long Xiao Pang said, after passing a mountain, they finally found that person.

Ye Yu Xi slightly raised her hand and everyone stopped.

“Boss, what do you see?”  The fatty said through his mind.

“Fatty, Ye Wen, you go to the left.  Tian Zong, Hei Sha, you go to the right.”  Ye Yu Xi used the voice transfer technique to lay out the battle plans.

Everyone nodded and moved towards that person.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi and the letter didn’t respond as he began moving forward.

In order to not scare the snake, everyone was moving quite slowly.

After around ten minutes, they finally approached that person.

That person was sitting cross legged on the ground with his back to Ye Yu Xi’s group, not moving at all.


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi charged at the person at the same time.  Ye Yu Xi had the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand that was coldly glowing.

The fatty and the others tightly followed behind her.

Ye Yu Xi’s formation was quite simple.  They would first engage the person and regardless of if they were friend or foe, they would take care of them first.

Charging behind that person, there was a trace of hesitation in Bai Jin Yi’s eyes.  He locked his mental energy on that person and stopped moving.

Ye Yu Xi moved very quickly.  She jumped through the air to land in front of the person and placed her blade on that person’s neck.


Ye Yu Xi’s eyes focused, this person…..

“Fatty, stop.”  Ye Yu Xi saw the fatty raising his blade behind this person through the corner of her eyes.


With Ye Yu Xi’s words, the fatty and others stopped moving.

“What is it, what is it?”  Long Xiao Pang was calm as he ran over.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t say anything.  The fatty and the others came forward and looked at this person, but they didn’t say anything either.

“What is it?”  Long Xiao Pang was even more curious as he came forward.

“Ze, ze, this injury……”  Long Xiao Pang kept shaking his head.

This injury……Not being dead after suffering this kind of injury, unless he was an undead.

The person sitting cross legged was an old man.

He was wearing clothes made from cloth and at his chest was a fist sized hole.  His heart, almost half of it had already been burned and it had long stopped beating.

Bai Jin Yi pursed his lips and closed his eyes, as he enveloped this old man in his mental energy again.

Not dead!  There were spiritual energy fluctuations, it was no different from a living person!

He opened his eyes in surprise.  This old man, he wasn’t breathing!

“Dragon master, when you investigated before, was this person alive or dead?”  Bai Jin Yi had a serious expression.

“Alive or dead?”  The fatty looked at the old man in confusion, “Young master Bai, there is no need to say anything, this is definitely a dead person.”

Ye Yu Xi opened her eyes wide before closing them and also using her mental energy to investigate.

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy was far from being able to compare to Bai Jin Yi or Long Xiao Pang.   Back in the mountains, she hadn’t investigated this person.

Now that they were closer, Ye Yu Xi wrapped her mental energy around the old man.

Such vigorous spiritual energy……Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.

Hei Sha on the side also silently used her mental energy to investigate, also revealing a serious look on her face.

After a person died, their spiritual energy scattered into the air, but this person……

He was clearly dead, but why was there such powerful spiritual energy inside him!

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