Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 707

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Chapter 707: Aggrieved Huo Ling

There was a flash in the sky and a bolt of lightning flew out!

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  It was just clear, so why did lightning suddenly appear!

Long Xiao Pang closed his eyes to mourn.  The little dumb bird was done for…..


There was another boom of thunder from the distance.

“Master, master~~”  Huo Ling’s aggrieved voice rang in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Un?  Huo Ling, where are you?”  Ye Yu Xi stood up and looked around, but she couldn’t find Huo Ling.

“Master……Wa——”  Huo Ling directly broke out in tears.

“Huo Ling?”  Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and tried asking her.

“Un.”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression was a bit strange.

With Huo Ling’s personality, he would immediately run back if anything happened.  In the mountains, it was rare seeing Huo Ling break out in tears.

After a few seconds, Huo Ling flew out of the woods in a wobbly manner.

“Wa——”  He was crying while flying.

He wobbly fell down onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

What Ye Yu Xi noticed was…..There was a burnt smell to Huo Ling’s feathers.

“Master……Let’s go back.  Just now…..I was hit by lightning, wa——”  Huo Ling cried out in aggrievement.

Hit by lightning?

Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling, “What were you doing just now?”

“I, I didn’t do anything.  When I started flying, I, I was hit by lightning.  It hurts so much——” Large amounts of tears came out of Huo Ling’s small eyes.

“Humph, humph, you deserve it.  Who told you to not listen.” Long Xiao Pang saw that Huo Ling wasn’t dead, so his heart fell down and he began his cold taunting again.

“Dragon master, what is going on here?”  Ye Yu Xi sent her spiritual energy into Huo Ling’s body and slowly relieved Huo Ling’s pain.

Long Xiao Pang looked up and hinted at the sky.

“All of you, look up.”

Ye Yu Xi and the others all looked up.  There were clouds in the sky, but if one looked closely, there were flashes of purple in the clouds from time to time.

“Ai, why is this cloud purple?”  The fatty said in a surprised voice.

That thunder just now, did it come from those clouds?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the clouds.

“Who told you to look at the clouds?”  Long Xiao Pang reprimanded them.

“Dragon master, other than the clouds, what else is up there?”  Hei Feng Tian Zong said.

Long Xiao Pang said, “Look and see if there are any birds up there.”

“Yi?  There really aren’t any birds!”  The fatty’s little eyes turned round!

In the mountains, there were many birds.  In order to avoid spirit beasts, most birds would fly in the air.

There were actually no birds on this mountain!

“If you dare fly up, you’ll be hit by lightning.”  Long Xiao Pang said this before looking at Huo Ling, “Little dumb bird, your luck is good.”

“How could this treasure know it was like this…..”  Huo Ling said in an aggrieved little voice.

“Dragon master, what is with this mountain?”  Ye Yu Xi asked with a sunken expression.

If it was this easy to summon thunder, Ye Yu Xi was considering if she should have the fatty and the others stay here while she went alone to find the Strange Flame.

Long Xiao Pang pointed at a tree to the side, “Look at that.”

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi looked over.  These trees, they all seemed fine and normal.

“The height of those trees is the safe height.  Once you pass that height, you’ll be hit with lightning.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t know the specifics either.” Long Xiao Pang said.

The height of the tree……

Ye Yu Xi looked it over.  This meant that if they ever encountered a battle, they couldn’t fly into the air!

Things…..were getting more and more troublesome.

“Wait!”  Bai Jin Yi suddenly grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.


Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes looked over.

“There are people in front.”  Bai Jin Yi narrowed his starry eyes.

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