Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Three poisons (Part 1)

Bai Jin Yi tried his best not to think of the worst ending.

The growth of every genius was much harder than the cultivation of normal people.

This was because there would be people with talent that weren’t comparable that wanted you to die.

But even like this, each person was willing to be a genius and let others plot against them.  That was because in this place, if one didn’t have strength, one wasn’t comparable to a piece of shit.  At least no one wanted to step on shit, but people……

“In any case, I can promise the little girl can live well.  The rest, you’ll have to solve them.” Long Xiao Pang saw that Bai Jin Yi was having difficulty talking, but the dragon master didn’t care.

With seven thousand years of experience, he had seen all kinds of joys and sorrows.


Ye Yu Xi who was currently cultivating. 

The buzzing and sharp wailing became sharper and sharper until it gradually formed a sound.


Ye Yu Xi felt like there was something in her throat and once she opened her mouth, it couldn’t wait to be vented out.


With this giant roar, Ye Yu Xi could feel that the clouds in the sky were shaking because of this roar.

The surrounding gradually became silent and Ye Yu Xi felt like she was in a world of silence without any sounds at all.  Her own voice was the voice of the entire world. Her angry roar could shake the land and change the colour of the sky.

Such a powerful cultivation technique.

Ye Yu Xi turned and the surrounding scene changed again.  This time, the scene became very fierce!

She was surrounded by poisonous snakes, poisonous worms, poisonous vipers, poisonous wasps, poisonous toads, and poisonous spiders.  These poisonous creatures reached the tens of thousands!

These poisonous creatures all bit and swallowed each other, as all kinds of venom spilled out and covered the ground.

This dense mass continued to squirm, making people shiver just from looking at it.  Each poisonous creature could take a person’s life and all of these were enough to destroy a country!

The poisonous creatures kept biting each other and screaming, but not a single one attacked Ye Yu Xi. 

Without knowing how long passed, there were only three poisonous creatures left.  There was a giant centipede, a green toad, and a venomous scorpion.

Three poisons, three sides, looking at each other and waiting for a chance to strike.

A cool feeling came from Ye Yu Xi’s palm.

It was the bead that had lost the support of the spiritual energy and had fallen onto Ye Yu Xi’s palm.  Once it touched her palm, it immediately entered it and disappeared without a trace.

Almost at the same time, silver lines came from the center of her palm.  It slowly went to the back of her hand and her wrist, as it continued moving up.

Ye Yu Xi who was cultivating was still in the spiritual world.

The three poisonous beings wanted to swallow each other, but no one dared to move.  The first one to move would die.


Three silver lights came out of the sky and surrounded the three poisonous beings.

The light began to move a bit faster.

Hong!  The light smashed together and the silver light exploded, releasing a dazzling white light.

Ye Yu Xi couldn’t close her eyes and her eyes became temporarily blind, losing her vision.

A beam of silver light came out of Ye Yu Xi and charged into the three pillars of light.

In the pillars of light, the scorpion’s tail wildly stabbed out, the toad puffed out its cheeks, and the centipede kept squirming.  Each one of them were struggling with all their might, but they couldn’t escape the binding of the silver light.

When the light from Ye Yu Xi’s body made contact, the three poisonous beings were pressed together.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know if it was a minute or five minutes, but her eyes were no longer a patch of white and she gradually regained her sight.

The world calmed down again.  Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes and looked at the silver pillar in front of her.

In the pillar of light, there weren’t the previous three poisonous beings, but there was a vague beautiful figure flashing there.

With the pillar of light blocking the way, it was too fuzzy to see it clearly.

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