Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 686

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Chapter 686: Just a…..bit dizzy (Part 2)

Weng~~Weng, weng!!

Ye Yu Xi felt like she kept spinning and her ears were filled with buzzing sound, like it was about to knock her out.



The buzzing sound suddenly became sharp and it instantly caused Ye Yu Xi’s head to split apart.

It was a good thing she cultivated the Exquisite Wonder Technique with Bai Jin Yi before.

The painful cultivation of the Exquisite Wonder Technique had greatly helped.  At least Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t faint!

Once she fainted during cultivation, the spiritual energy would flow backwards and blow up the body.

Gradually, Ye Yu Xi became used to the buzzing sound and the sharp wailing sound.  It was like…..there was a pattern to it!

This seemingly patternless noise actually had a source.

Ye Yu Xi listened carefully.  This sound, it gradually made Ye Yu Xi think of a song from earth, «Perturbed»!

[TL Note: 忐忑  is basically a song of pure noises…..]

When the buzzing was low, there would be a momentary pause before screeching wailing sounds exploded.

When the wailing came to a peak, it would suddenly turn into buzzing again.

It repeated like this.

The huge drop kept grating on a person’s ear and mind!


Ye Yu Xi gradually felt that her throat was a bit……itchy.

When she cleared her throat, she actually made the weng, weng sound!

When Ye Yu Xi made the first sound, she found she couldn’t take it back.  The sounds from her mouth followed the buzzing in her ear and it became more and more familiar.


Bai Jin Yi on the outside had been focusing on Ye Yu Xi the entire time, even firmly locking his mental energy onto Ye Yu Xi’s body.

“Xiao Bai, come and wait a bit.  The little girl will be fine.” Long Xiao Pang finally finished chewing half the lamb.

Bai Jin Yi came to Long Xiao Pang’s side and sat down on a rock.

“Here, do you want a bite?”  Long Xiao Pang put the remaining half a lamb in front of Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi looked over.  The dragon master really is generous……All that was left, other than the bones, the rest of the meat had fallen on the ground before.

He decisively shook his head.

“Che, you really are attentive.”  Long Xiao Pang flipped it over. He didn’t finish the meat and threw it to the side……

“Xiao Bai, with the little girl’s talent and strength right now, if her seal is unsealed, she could rush into the world.”  Long Xiao Pang patted Bai Jin Yi’s hand, while also wiping off his hand.

“Unseal the seal……”  Bai Jin Yi finally realized what kind of power Ye Yu Xi who was currently in the seventh spiritual level would have after she was unsealed!

“No, it’s still a bit early.  Let her go to the Alchemist Academy first.  There are some powers to Ye Yu Xi that are still too big.  If those people lock onto her, there is no other choice but death.”  Bai Jin Yi said.

“Alchemist Academy, then she’ll go there for a look.  Other than the Flame Control Art, there is nothing else to learn from there.”  There was a trace of disdain on Long Xiao Pang’s lips.

If she really stayed several years in the Alchemist Academy, the little girl’s talent would be wasted.

“No.”  Bai Jin Yi suddenly revealed a smile, “The current Alchemist Academy is not the same.”

“Un?”  Long Xiao Pang looked up.

“I’ve received some news, this year……”  Even though there was no one around, Bai Jin Yi still chose to whisper into Long Xiao Pang’s ears.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes lit up and he stared at Bai Jin Yi, “Really?  It’s really at the Alchemist Academy?”

Bai Jin Yi nodded with certainty, he had also received this information from the shadow not long ago.

“That means that she has to stay in the Alchemist Academy for a few more days.”  Long Xiao Pang rubbed his smooth little chin as he began helping Ye Yu Xi plan her path of cultivation in his heart.

Bai Jin Yi sneaked a glance at Ye Yu Xi not far away.

He hoped that Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t be noticed by those people.  With his relationship with her, if they were noticed, it was estimated that……

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