Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 641

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Chapter 641: Blood Enchantress’ rules (Part 3)

Exiting the borders of the Ice Mist Country, Ye Yu Xi’s group abandoned their horses and changed to walking.

With their cultivation, if they ran with all their might, they were much faster than riding horses.

But with Ye Yu Xi’s lead, everyone only spent at most half their spiritual energy before resting up.

Running at full speed could double their speed, but in the event of an unexpected situation, they would be exhausted.  That kind of situation was very dangerous.

“Brothers, we said that we would give you a welcoming ceremony before leaving.  Now we have some free time.” The fatty laughed as he spoke.

Hei Feng Tian Zong looked at Ye Yu Xi.

“Hei Sha, you and Tian Zong will be together.  Fatty, you and Shi Qing will be together. You will exchange blows, but be careful.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

She would use this chance to see what kind of advancements the fatty and Shi Qing had made.

“Boss, fighting a girl…..This, this…..”  The fatty was a bit unwilling.

“What’s wrong with being a girl.”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was a bit cold.

“No, boss, I didn’t mean anything against you.  The main thing is that it is inconvenient to make a move, you already know about my bit of skills.”  The fatty explained.

Ye Wen on the side heard what the fatty said and revealed a smile.

The fatty’s move, who knew who taught him that.  It was a sinister move, attacking the chest and blocking the eyes, the fatty accounted for everything.

“Talk after you beat Hei Sha.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said.

“Begin.”  Shi Qing’s face was serious.  If he wasn’t wrong, Shi Qing felt that Hei Sha was much more dangerous than Hei Feng Tian Zong!

Although……he couldn’t see through Hei Sha’s cultivation.

The four stood on open ground, splitting into two groups.

Hei Feng Tian Zong and Hei Sha looked at each other.  There was no need to say anything, their minds were connected.

“Shi Qing, you take care of the girl, I’ll take care of that boy.  When I count to three, we’ll attack together.” The fatty whispered in Shi Qing’s ear.

“One, two, three!”

The fatty and Shi Qing suddenly charged out.

Hei Feng Tian Zong was already prepared.  Bending down, he slapped his hand onto the ground.


Without any doubt, the fatty and Shi Qing charged into Hei Feng Tian Zong’s spiritual energy.

“Brother, it is a bit strange.”  The fatty shouted. He felt his body become heavier and he quickly stopped.

Shi Qing had no expression.  He raised his hand and it moved slower than normal.

Hei Sha stood there without moving.

There was a smile on her lip as she looked at the fatty and Shi Qing.

Exchanging notes with their own people, Hei Sha gave the fatty and Shi Qing some time to react.

“I’m making my move.”


Hei Sha’s aura was suddenly released and a wild wind spread in all directions.

“So strong!”  Shi Qing’s face became serious.

The fatty’s face was filled with shock!  Seventh spiritual level……No! Eighth spiritual level!

Feeling Hei Sha’s cultivation, the fatty was shocked.  Boss was already abnormal enough and now there was another freak.  This girl was only twenty years old?


Hei Sha began moving.  In Hei Feng Tian Zong’s spiritual energy, Hei Sha’s speed was not affected at all.


Shi Qing didn’t move as he sent an elbow out that clashed with Hei Sha’s fist.

“You have some skills.”  Hei Sha’s lips curled into a smile as she disappeared from Shi Qing’s sights.

Ye Yu Xi watched the battle in front of her and gave a slight nod at Hei Sha’s cultivation.  Hei Sha’s strength was considered in the intermediate eighth spiritual level, which could be considered quite good.

For a person with this kind of talent, they would have large amounts of resources spent on them since they were young.  One could see Hei Sha’s background from this.

“Hei Sha’s family, in the past few years on the Purple Cloud Continent can be considered to have a bit of fame.”  Bai Jin Yi sat down beside Ye Yu Xi.

“You know her identity?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with surprise.

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