Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 640

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Chapter 640: Blood Enchantress’ rules (Part 2)


Long Xiao Pang slapped down on the map and pointed at a word written on the map “Scott”.

This place, it should be a town, right?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at this Scott place.

“Un, we need to head there.  The residence of the Thousand Hands Guanyin is in a nearby desert.”  Long Xiao Pang said. 

Ye Yu Xi looked over.  The Sand Tower Desert, a rumoured place of death.  When cultivators with low cultivations went in, they couldn’t come out alive at all.


In the morning, the city gates were opened and Ye Yu Xi’s group quickly left the capital city.

When they stopped, it was already noon and they had arrived on the border of the Ice Mist Country.

“Boss, our horses can’t go on like this.  If they keep going, they’ll die in just two days.”  The fatty was eating his food while chatting with Ye Yu Xi.

“Customer, are you planning to leave the country?  The borders haven’t been safe in the past few days, it’s better if you hire some mercenaries to protect you.”  The waiter served them their tea.

“Go, go, go, do you really think we are young masters who don’t understand anything.”  The fatty glared at the waiter.

“This little one spoke too much, this little one spoke too much.”  The waiter gave a bow and left.

“Fatty, why did you chase him away?”  Ye Wen asked with a frown.

There was a slight questioning gaze in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

The fatty laughed, “Boss, Ye Wen, you normally stay in the Ice Mist Country, so you don’t know the rules here.  In this border area, the most dangerous ones are the mercenaries. The people who come to the border, they either bring their own guards or hire mercenaries from this place.  At the border, mercenaries could be considered mercenaries if you make them sound good, but if not, they are just a bunch of fugitives.”

When the fatty said this, Ye Yu Xi understood.  The reason why the waiter passionately promoted the mercenaries was probably after the mercenaries made their move, they would give him a portion of the money.

“Waiter, bring me a pound of beef and a pot of wine.”  A very ugly voice rang out.

“Ai, alright!  A pound of beef and a pot of wine~~”

The waiter shouted out before bringing a rag over to the table, wiping it as he said to that person, “Customer, are you leaving the country alone?  The border hasn’t been safe lately, do you want to hire some mercenaries?”

Hearing the same words from the waiter, Ye Yu Xi looked over.  With just this one look, her eyes no longer moved away.

“Boss, what is it?”  The fatty stopped the chopsticks in his hands and asked in a small voice.

“Oh?”  Bai Jin Yi looked over and his pupils narrowed.

“It’s fine, keep eating.  We’ll leave after we finish eating.”  Ye Yu Xi came back to her senses and looked down to eat.

The fatty looked where Ye Yu Xi looked before and near the entrance, there was a person sitting there.  That person had an ash grey cloaked and he stretched out a hand that was as withered as a branch.

“One person certainly isn’t safe.  Go and pick a few mercenaries with high cultivations, this is your reward.”  The ash grey cloaked person threw out two gold coins.

“Alright.  Please wait a bit customer.”  The waiter revealed a smile.

He had only asked out of habit, but he never thought he found such a fat lamb.  He really would earn a lot this time.

The waiter quickly ran off to find some mercenaries.

The ash grey cloaked person seemed to feel a gaze from Ye Yu Xi’s table, so he turned to look at the fatty.

“Fatty, eat.”  Ye Yu Xi said.

The fatty scratched his head in confusion.  That ash grey cloaked person was so thin, could he even finish eating a pound of beef?

When they left the restaurant, the waiter came back with several large men behind him.

It seemed like they had made a deal.

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