Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 604

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Chapter 604: Weapon refiner (Part 2)

After escaping Hei Feng Tian Jiao with difficulty, Bai Jin Yi followed the others into the Black Wind Manor’s smelting workshop.

Inside the smelting workshop.

There were several forges placed in a row and over a hundred workers working with exposed upper bodies.

The workshop was filled with sounds of bellows blowing and iron clashing against each other.

“The ones outside are normal blacksmiths.  The mithril is too hard, so only a weapon refiner’s flame can work.  Follow me this way.” Hei Feng Ming Zhe made a clear gesture.

Dong, dong, dong.

Hei Feng Ming Zhe politely knocked on the door before heading in.

In the room, there were three middle aged men who were around forty-fifty years old.  The person sitting in the middle was smoking from a pipe.

“Three masters, these friends are planning to forge some mithril.  We have to trouble you for this matter.”

Hearing Hei Feng Ming Zhe’s words, Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.

Hei Feng Ming Zhe was the Black Wind Family’s Family Head!

When facing these three weapon refiners, he was actually this polite.  It could be seen how high of a position weapon refiners had in this Black Wind Town.

“The Family Head is too polite, this matter is no trouble.”  The middle aged man smoking the pipe reached a hand out.

Hei Feng Ming Zhe handed over the mithril token.

Ye Yu Xi was paying attention to the master’s skin.  The entire hand was dry and his skin was a strange red colour.

Playing around with the mithril in his hand, the master nodded.  This quality was considered quite good.

“Start the forge.”

The master put away the pipe and walked towards the only forge.


With a flick of the master’s hand, a burst of reddish orange flame entered the forge.

Instantly, waves of heat came out.

Feeling this heat, Ye Yu Xi was a bit moved.  The temperature of this flame…..it was strangely high!

It was clearly only a spiritual energy flame.

Ye Yu Xi had met spiritual energy flame before and the one with the highest temperature was Yan Hua’s flame.  But Yan Hua’s flame was only a dark yellow colour and this master’s flame was reddish orange.

Bai Jin Yi felt the heat of the flame and looked at Ye Yu Xi’s expression.  He whispered to Ye Yu Xi, “Have you looked at his hand?”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes let the forge and looked at the master’s hand.

His hand had been red, but now it had turned the same colour as the flame!

“Weapon refiners have some unique cultivation techniques, allowing them to refine different spiritual energy flames.  The temperature of these flames are several times higher than the spiritual energy flames of alchemists, but they are not stable.  The flames are rather wild, so they can only be used in weapon refining. If they are used in alchemy, the cauldron would immediately explode.”

Ye Yu Xi focused on the temperature in the forge.  As expected, it was as Bai Jin Yi said, the temperature of the flame was very wild.

“Their flames aren’t limited by cultivation?”  Although it was a unique cultivation technique……this temperature was still too high!

If it was a normal iron weapon placed inside, it would have already melted.

“There are some cultivation techniques that have level requirements, which can only be cultivated when reaching a certain realm, but the weapon refiner’s flame seem to depend on colour.  One kind is this red flame and a higher level one would be a flame with a white core. According to the weapon refiners, the flame with the highest temperature would be black.”


Flames made from spiritual energy could actually become black?

This was Ye Yu Xi’s first time learning of this.

Long Xiao Pang on the side dipped his finger in his saliva and waved it around.  Feeling the water evaporating, he suddenly raised his head, “Wait!”

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