Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: Identity token (Part 1)

“Whether you have time or not is up to you, I won’t stop you if you want to seek death.”  Long Xiao Pang said in a magnanimous voice. 

“The King of Hell’s Palace’s influence has already seeped into a place like the Ice Mist Country.  I estimate that they will make a large move and at that time, if I don’t recover my cultivation, I’m afraid I really won’t be able to return to the Medicine King Valley alive.”  Bai Jin Yi honestly replied.

Leaving the Ice Mist Country and heading to the Central Plains, the risk was over a thousand times greater than right now!

“No……”  Long Xiao Pang wanted to ignore Bai Jin Yi, but he changed his mind…..He still had to help in this matter.  If Bai Jin Yi died, half his plans would go to waste.

“Consider your luck good, brat.”  Long Xiao Pang looked over at where Ye Yu Xi was walking.

“You’re saying that Ye Yu Xi can help me?”  Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes lit up. Right now, he……and Ye Yu Xi’s relationship was not clear.  Anyway…..he had seen everything he should see and did everything he should do.

Long Xiao Pang rubbed his nose and sighed, “I’ve already told you before, when your seal can be broken depends on that little girl’s Strange Flame.  Adding in the Empty Starry Night Flames inside your body, only then can you refine the seal I left.”

“Strange Flame?  Refining a Strange Flame requires a cultivation of at least the eighth spiritual level and it needs to work with mental energy to allow one to refine it.  Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation has just reached the seventh spiritual level……”

Bai Jin Yi had just said this when a surprised look flashed in his starry eyes, “Dragon master, you’re saying that Ye Yu Xi can already swallow a Strange Flame?!”

When he said this, Bai Jin Yi’s eyes opened wide!

Swallowing a Strange Flame, it couldn’t compare to other things.  Each Strange Flame was something that could burn down the world. Countless ancestors have tried it before and they reached the result that the lowest cultivation required for swallowing a Strange Flame was the eighth spiritual level!

If Ye Yu Xi could break this cultivation limit, it meant that Ye Yu Xi’s physique would be stronger than anyone before!

“She couldn’t before, but adding in that little dumb bird……She should be able to swallow an Earthly Spirit Flame.”  Long Xiao Pang said this while looking at Huo Ling who was grooming his feathers.

Huo Ling’s growth speed had surpassed Long Xiao Pang’s imagination.  For a normal spirit beast of Huo Ling’s kind, it would normally grow very slowly.

But Huo Ling had evolved again in a short period of time.  This meant that Huo Ling also benefited from Ye Yu Xi’s foundation being stabilized.

“Do you recognize this thing?”  Ye Yu Xi came to Bai Jin Yi’s side and there were two tokens in her hand.

One iron token and one silver token.

The two tokens were around the same size and they had the same design.  On each token, there was the “Yan” character on it

[TL Note: 阎王 is the King of Hell and 阎 is Yan.]

Bai Jin Yi looked over the token, “This is the King of Hell’s Palace’s identity token.  Normally those that have these tokens are in charge of those at the same level. How did you get this token?”

Bai Jin Yi’s saw that Ye Yu Xi actually had two tokens.  That Hei Wu Chang, it was impossible for him to have an iron token!

“This?”  Ye Yu Xi waved the iron token in her hand, “Back in the Heaven Mountain Range, I met some people who used a strange array.  I killed them and they had this token on them.”

Heaven Mountain Range……

Bai Jin Yi silently said in his mind: It seems like the people the King of Hell’s Palace sent to the Ice Mist Country are not just these few people!

“Little girl, let me see that token.”  Long Xiao Pang saw the thing in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

“This?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang’s eyes before throwing the silver token in her hand over to him.

Long Xiao Pang looked over it before suddenly raising his head, “Little girl, you’ve hit the jackpot!”

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