Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 587

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Chapter 587: You’re very pretty when you’re gentle

Hearing that Bai Jin Yi was fine, Ye Yu Xi’s heart finally dropped out of her throat.

With a red flash of light, Huo Ling separated from Ye Yu Xi.

“Wu…..Master, this treasure’s hands hurt……No, this treasure’s wings hurt.”  Huo Ling was surrounded in flames before he turned from his large bird form to little bird form.

“Huo Ling, what is with your wings?”  Ye Yu Xi thought of that wave of spiritual energy from before.  If it wasn’t for Huo Ling’s wings protecting her in time, she would have been heavily injured by that shock.

Huo Ling’s wings had firmly protected her in that moment, most of the force was taken by Huo Ling, but Huo Ling only said it hurt.  Other than his wings looking a little messy, Huo Ling wasn’t hurt at all.

“This treasure doesn’t know.  After eating that Flame Ginseng, this treasure felt that the feather of my wings were much harder.  It should be this treasure evolving again.” Huo Ling cutely said.

That Flame Ginseng had been completely eaten by Huo Ling.  Ye Yu Xi had felt it was strange in the beginning.

That Flame Ginseng was protected by the Lava Scarlet Sun Snake.  Normally speaking, the more spiritual energy there was, the stronger the herb was, and the stronger the protecting spirit beast.

This was because most herbs had that ability to gather spiritual energy.  Spirit beasts made their territory near these herbs, sucking in spiritual energy, while also being used to protect the herbs.

But after Huo Ling finished the Flame Ginseng, there were no clear changes at all!  This was not normal!

Ye Yu Xi had been confused back then, but now it had changed.

Huo Ling’s outer appearance hadn’t changed, but the Flame Ginseng had greatly increased Huo Ling’s defenses!

“Ke, ke!”

Bai Jin Yi lying in the soil suddenly coughed a few times, coughing out the bad air stuck in his throat.

“Are you alright?”  Ye Yu Xi came beside Bai Jin Yi and she spoke in a tone that unknowingly had a trace of worry.

Bai Jin Yi gradually opened his eyes and locked gazes with Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes.

Seeing the trace of concern in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile, “I, I thought that you only knew how to have an ice cold expression.  Your gentle appearance, is very pretty.”

Ye Yu Xi’s face turned cold and that look of concerned instantly disappeared without a trace, “Quickly get up if you’re fine.”

She wanted to kick Bai Jin Yi and her foot was getting ready, but thinking about how Bai Jin Yi had fought a big battle, she still put it down, “Humph, I’ll let you off this time!  Next time your mouth is this shameless, don’t blame me for cutting it off!”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi walked out of the forest with a flip of her hair.  Outside the forest, Hei Wu Chang’s corpse was just lying there.

“Dragon master, is there a way for you to unseal my body?”  Bai Jin Yi struggled to stand up. His body was completely empty, there was no spiritual energy at all.

Thinking of the battle just now, Bai Jin Yi revealed a bitter smile.  He never thought that he had fallen this far. Fighting someone like Hei wu Chang, he actually needed someone else’s help.

If he was at his peak state, for someone like Hei Wu Chang, he wouldn’t have lasted five moves!

“Break the seal?”  Long Xiao Pang looked like he was looking like an idiot, “Do you know what is happening with your own body!  You’re already lucky that you are still alive, if you didn’t meet that little girl, do you think you would still be smiling and talking to me!”

“I don’t have much time.”  Bai Jin Yi revealed a bitter look.  A few days ago, shadow had told him that…..the elders from the Medicine King Valley……were urging him to get married!

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