Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 583

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Chapter 583: King of Hell’s Palace (Part 2)

With a thought from Ye Yu Xi, the wings on her back flapped harder and the mountain was covered in wild winds.  The wild winds blew the leaves off the trees and grass of the ground, filling the sky with sand.

Hu, hu.

The wild winds made the grey cloak flutter.

“Oh?  It seems like it’s not as simple as a flying spiritual technique, interesting.”  The grey cloak felt that bone piercing winds, but his body floated in the air without moving.


The long spear trembled and made another humming sound.  It was like a black dragon as it pierced at Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

So fast!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes changed and her wings flapped hard, immediately flying back over ten meters.


The spear was grabbed by a large hand.  Bai Jin Yi’s lips formed a smile, “Your opponent is me!”


Sending out spiritual energy with a flick of his hand, the spiritual energy turned into a cauldron in midair and swept out at the grey cloak.

“Small trick.”

The grey cloak gave a grunt and it was unknown what cultivation technique he used.  He didn’t dodge it and the spiritual energy cauldron Bai Jin Yi sent out hit his cloak.

But…..it didn’t deal any damage!  Rather, the spiritual energy all disappeared.

After the grey cloak had sucked in Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy, his body bulged up a bit and the black energy surrounding him became thicker.

Seeing this scene, Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed.  Although he could feel the other side’s cultivation, he never thought it would be this troublesome.

“Ga, ga, so young and already in the ninth spiritual level.  It’s a pity to kill you. This old man is called Hei Wu Chang, obediently surrender and hand this little girl to this old man as a sacrifice, then I can spare your life.”

Hei Wu Chang gave his name.  In the southeast corner of the Purple Cloud Continent, he was considered a bit famous.  There were quite a few powers that had been exterminated by Hei Wu Chang!

“I was wondering who you are, so you’re the evil Hei Wu Chang!  People that want to fight me, you have to ask first if my hands agree or not!”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes suddenly changed. Golden flames spat out of his palms and spread over the spear he was holding.

“Oh?  Strange Flame?   Brat, just who are you!”  Hei Wu Chang’s hand trembled and the spear also shook, forcing Bai Jin Yi’s hand off.  The golden flames were mostly destroyed by the black energy.

“Go ask the King of Hell this question!”

The golden light of the wings on Bai Jin Yi’s back became brighter and he became faster.  With a casual wave of his hand, the golden flames turned into a flame dragon that charged out at Hei Wu Chang.

When Hei Wu Chang saw this flame dragon, his body began turning.  As he turned, large amounts of black energy appeared around him.


The flame dragon slammed into the layer of black energy.

“Ga, ha, it’s been a long time since I’ve exercised my body!  Brat, I’ll use you to have fun today!”

The black energy gradually dissipated and the flame dragon disappeared without a trace.

Ye Yu Xi was floating on the side, watching with a pair of beautiful eyes.  It was currently an even match, but that person called Hei Wu Chang hadn’t done anything yet.


When Ye Yu Xi saw what happened after the black energy dissipated, her eyes became much wider!

This person……

After Bai Jin Yi saw Hei Wu Chang’s really appearance, he was also a bit surprised.  He also understood why he wore a cloak.

He wore his cloak for a different reason from Ye Yu Xi.  Ye Yu Xi was hiding her identity and this person did it purely to block his body!

Hei Wu Chang’s head was completely bald, not having a single hair.  His eyes were sunken in and his body was like a skeleton. Other than the skin that could barely be considered normal on his head, all the skin on his body was completely deathly grey!

If this person laid on the ground, there would be no one that would think he was alive!

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