Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 568

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Chapter 568: There’s someone following (Part 3)

Coming out of the Blue Jade Peak sect master’s room, although they weren’t sure who the other side was, at least they were certain of one thing.  The other side came from outside the Ice Mist Country and…..they were very strong.

“How about we stay here for a few days?”  Bai Jin Yi followed behind Ye Yu Xi. There was already no more information they could gain from the Blue Jade Peak.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head, “There’s nothing left.  I’ll talk to Bing Ya and we can directly leave.”

“Big sister Yu Xi, you’re leaving like this?”  Dongfang Bing Ya was standing by the door, hearing Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s conversation.

“Un, Bai Jin Yi and I are planning a trip to the Black Stone Mountain Range and train a bit.  Your injury hasn’t healed yet, so here are some pills. Take them and in around a month, your injury will heal up.  When that time comes, we’ll gather again in the capital city.” Ye Yu Xi took out a few pills and placed them in front of Dongfang Bing Ya.

“Alright.  The Black Stone Mountain Range are quite dangerous, you and young master Bai need to be careful.”  Dongfang Bing Ya warned them.

“Master, we’re finally leaving this broken place?”  Huo Ling’s cute voice came from Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

“Un, what’s with you?”  Ye Yu Xi could hear a faint weakness in Huo Ling’s voice.

“This treasure is hungry.  There isn’t even a place to buy herbs in this broken place.”  Huo Ling was sprawled out over the platform and his little stomach was deflated.

“What is it?”  Bai Jin Yi noticed the strangeness with Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand, “It’s nothing, Huo Ling is hungry.”

Although there was no pharmacy, Huo Ling would find things to eat when he was wandering around, but……those herbs were all inside the storage room of the Blue Jade Peak.

This was not the capital city, if Huo Ling swept the storage room clean, there would be implications.  It was a good thing Ye Yu Xi was in time to stop Huo Ling’s thoughts.

“Hungry?  Then that’s easy.  In the Black Stone Mountain Range, there are quite a few herbs and spirit beasts.  With Huo Ling, it should be easy to find them.” Bai Jin Yi said with a smile, already imagining what would happen in the future in his heart.

Seeing the sky, it was already close to night.  They had already told Bing Ya that they were leaving in a bit, so they couldn’t stay another night.  The two of them slowly descended the mountain.

“Elder!  Elder! They’re coming.”  A Mingyue Sect disciple quickly ran to a few tents.

“Who?”  Li Peng Pu didn’t react to this.

“Ye Yu Xi and a man are coming down the mountain.”  The disciple quickly said.

“That fast?”  Li Peng Pu thought Ye Yu Xi would stay in the Blue Jade Peak for a bit.  The Mingyue Sect side had already pitched their tents and were prepared to stay a while, but they never thought they would come down so quickly.

Li Peng Pu thought for a bit, “Where are they heading?”

“Towards the Black Stone Mountain Range.”

“Black Stone Mountain Range…..Humph, they are probably going out to train or hunt some spirit beasts.  That’s fine, the Black Stone Mountain Range will become your grave!” Li Peng Pu’s beard slightly trembled, “Put the things away, we’re following them.”


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi kept heading in the direction of the Black Stone Mountain Range.

Huo Ling came out of Ye Yu Xi’s body, flying high up in the sky.  He wasn’t looking down, he was trying to feel where the herbs were.

“Yi?  Master, there are people following you.”  Huo Ling flew for a while and found some clues.  Why was it those people were going wherever master and Bai Jin Yi were going?

“Oh?  There are people following us.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi.

Bai Jin Yi’s expression was normal.  It seemed like he had already noticed it.

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