Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 567

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Chapter 567: There’s someone following (Part 2)

The Blue Jade Peak sect master had already sat up.  After lying for several months, her body was a bit frail, but her mind was still quite sharp.

“Many thanks to young miss Ye for saving my life.”  The Blue Jade Peak sect master gave a slight nod to Ye Yu Xi in greeting.

“The sect master is too polite.  Bing Ya and I are sisters and you are Bing Ya’s master, so it is normal for me to help.”

The Blue Jade Peak sect master gave two gentle coughs, “I already know about the competition, luckily young miss Ye could defeat Jia Qiong and help us win the five year appointment.  If young miss Ye needs anything in the future, my Blue Jade Peak will definitely help.”

“Since it’s like this, I have one matter I need to ask from the sect master.”  Ye Yu Xi said this as she signaled with her eyes behind her.

The Blue Jade Peak sect master understood and gently waved her hand, “Elders, you can all rest first.  It’s fine to have just Bing Ya here taking care of me.”


Faced with Ye Yu Xi, the three elders didn’t dare complain.  They brought the inner sect disciples out of the room.


“Leng Qing, was what you just said true?”  Li Peng Pu’s group left the Blue Jade Peak and were resting in the forest.

Fang Leng Qing nodded and said in a certain tone, “This can’t be wrong, it is definitely Ye Yu Xi.  During the Alchemist Selection Meet in the capital city a few days ago, I personally saw her using the Beast Flame.  Back in the Heaven Mountain Range, the one who killed senior Yan Hua was also using this Beast Flame.”

Li Peng Pu silently thought for a bit.

If one said that a young girl in her teens killed Yan Hua, Li Peng Pu definitely wouldn’t believe it.  Although Yan Hua had been injured, he was still in the seventh spiritual level, that was not an empty display!

“Elder Li, what about big sister Qiong.”  Jia Wu was supporting Jia Qiong, looking at Li Peng Pu with an anxious look.

Li Peng Pu looked at Jia Qiong behind him.  Her eyes were lost and she looked completely numb.  It seemed like the hit Ye Yu Xi had given her was not small.

“Leng Qing, you and Jia Wu bring the disciples and Jia Qiong back to the mountain to rest for a bit.”

“Un.  Elder, what about you?”  Fang Leng Qing could see that Li Peng Pu wasn’t planning to go with them.

“I will lead a few people to guard here.  Ye Yu Xi must die!” There was a fierce look that flashed on Li Peng Pu’s face!

It had been several years since Li Peng Pu had killed anyone because everyone feared his fierceness.  But today, Ye Yu Xi must die!

An alchemist in her teens who had a talent even higher than Jia Qiong was an enemy to the Mingyue Sect, this would definitely become a large problem in time!

For someone like Ye Yu Xi, had to be killed before she could spread her wings, otherwise……

“Xiu Cheng, you will lead several people and wait in ambush with me nearby!  Ye Yu Xi can’t stay in the Blue Jade Peak for long, as long as she comes out, we will immediately make our move!”

“Yes!”  There was a determined look in Song Xiu Cheng’s eyes.


“You didn’t even clearly see the other side?”  Ye Yu Xi’s voice was a bit strange. The Blue Jade Peak sect master was in the eighth spiritual level!

How could that be……

The Blue Jade Peak sect master nodded and gave two coughs, “That night, the other side suddenly attacked.  After I sent a stab out, they used an iron chain to grab my sword and I took a palm from the other side. You know everything that happened after that.”

Iron chain?

There was that weapon?

Ye Yu Xi recorded this in her mind.  At least in the Ice Mist Country, she had never heard of any sect using this kind of weapon.

Bai Jin Yi to the side became more cautious.  Iron chains…..On the Purple Cloud Continent, there was only one sect that used iron chains and poison!

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