Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: Five year appointment (Part 1)


Ye Yu Xi looked over at Bai Jin Yi and there was a trace of surprise in both their eyes!

After the check up a few days ago, Ye Yu Xi had clearly dug out the Spirit Subduing Bug and burned it to ashes.

There was only the spiritual energy left in Bing Ya’s master’s body.  As long as there was enough time, the spiritual energy would slowly scatter, so why did it become more serious!?

“Go, let’s take a look.”  Ye Yu Xi didn’t even change clothes as she directly headed to Bing Ya’s master’s room.

When Ye Yu Xi arrived, there were several people in the room already.

“Elders, young miss Ye is here.”  Bing Ya announced at the door.

“Quickly, quickly let young miss Ye in.”  The fourth elder’s voice came from inside.

Ye Yu Xi came to the window and looked at the Blue Jade Peak sect master before slightly knitting her brows.  On the sect master’s forehead, there were clear black lines. Anyone could see that she had been poisoned.

“In the past few days, who was in charge of feeding the sect master?”  Ye Yu Xi asked the elders beside him.

“This.  The sect master couldn’t move, so she can only eat stuff like congee.  It’s normally prepared by the inner sect disciples that watch over the sect master.”  The second elder honestly said.

“Elders, elders!  This is bad! Outside, outside, the Mingyue Sect!”  An outer sect disciples in charge of watching the sect’s gates rushed over.

“Un?  What is going on?”  The fourth elder came to the door and looked at the disciple outside.

“Reporting to the elder, there are around twenty Mingyue Sect people who are coming up the mountain.  We couldn’t stop them, they’re already, already almost here.” The disciple kept panting, but he managed to finish speaking.

“Mingyue Sect?  Truly a coincidence…..”  Ye Yu Xi muttered in her heart.

It seemed like the sect master’s poison was not as simple as it seemed.

“Elders, go and take a look.  Bing Ya and I can take care of things here.”  Ye Yu Xi said to the three elders.

“We’ll have to trouble young miss Ye.”  The fourth elder cupped his hands towards Ye Yu Xi like they were close.

The elders brought the Blue Jade Peak’s people out together.


At the square halfway up the Blue Jade Peak.

Normally there would be some outer sect disciples training there, but the atmosphere was strangely tense today.

Those outer sect disciples all had their hands on their swords as they watched the other side.

“What business do these Mingyue Sect friends have in coming here today?  The Blue Jade Peak is not entertaining guests, I hope you can forgive us.”  The second elder and third elder were clearly being led by the fourth elder.  The fourth elder had a dark look as he coldly said these words.

“He, he, we never thought that the fourth elder would also be here.  We came this time because of the five year appointment. I think that the elders haven’t forgotten this matter, right?  He, he.”

There were a total of twenty people from the Mingyue Sect and over half of them were disciples under twenty.

The one who was speaking was a fifty year old man.  His clothes were completely different from those of the disciples.  It was clear that his position in the Mingyue Sect wasn’t low, he was at least an elder.

The five year appointment!

The faces of the elders changed at the same time.  Looking at the old man in front of them, they thought off a person’s name at the same time: Li Peng Pu!

This Li Peng Pu was considered a fierce character in the Ice Mist Country.  He had a cultivation in the peak seventh spiritual level and could break through to the eighth spiritual level at any time.

The fourth elder coldly said, “The Mingyue Sect are guests from afar, let’s continue in the main hall.  This matter is no rush, no rush.”

“We’ll accept this grace.”  The Mingyue Sect elder also cupped his hands before waving his hand at the disciples behind him.  The twenty people went into the hall together.

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