Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: Realm above the ninth spiritual level

At least…..She didn’t lose herself in the waves of bliss.

However, although the bliss in her mind had weakened, Ye Yu Xi found that she…..could feel the feeling coming from her body!

Ye Yu Xi could clearly feel that Bai Jin Yi who was pressed up against her was slightly trembling.

This trembling, Bai Jin Yi wasn’t aware of it.

Ye Yu Xi was clear in her heart that this was an unconscious reaction from his body to the extreme pain in his mind.

But Ye Yu Xi could also feel and clearly detect the friction of Bai Jin Yi’s body against her chest.

This kind of feeling, it was different from the feeling that had appeared in her mind before…..

Ye Yu Xi could even feel…..that there was a bit of anticipation in her heart……Anticipating that Bai Jin Yi could…..use a bit of strength, making the rubbing a bit stronger.

It was a pity……

Their bodies weren’t being controlled by them.

Ye Yu Xi suffered the feeling from her mind and her body at the same time…..Also enduring another kind of torture.


Inside the chaotic space.

Long Xiao Pang had been “escaping” for close to an hour and it was unknown where he had lost Huo Ling.

Panting as he returned to the platform, he watched the two people lying on the platform.

He saw a faint blush gradually come over Ye Yu Xi’s neck and Long Xiao Pang revealed a smile.  He proudly said to himself, “After you finish cultivating this technique, it will be very hard for you two not to be together.  This little girl’s talent and the Medicine King Valley’s influence, that matter…..The opportunity will become bigger and bigger…..”

After a while.

Ye Yu Xi’s fingers moved and she slowly opened her eyes.  There was still a blush over her face.

When she woke up from her cultivation this time, the first thing Ye Yu Xi felt was that there was something vaguely swaying inside of her.

Un humph.

Bai Jin Yi slightly knit his and seemed like he had woken up from a drunken stupor.

Letting out a long breath, he weakly took took a few deep breaths as he cleared the feeling in his mind.

“Ke, ke.”  He stood up and let out two coughs.  Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi in front of him, “What’s with you?”

Bai Jin Yi saw the strangeness with Ye Yu Xi.

“Nothing.”  Ye Yu Xi tried not to look directly at Bai Jin Yi as she secretly took a few deep breaths to let herself relax.  She calmed down the fire of desire burning within her.

“Little girl, didn’t you receive a golden cauldron?  Take it out and let me see.” Long Xiao Pang said on the side.

When Long Xiao Pang said this, Ye Yu Xi also remembered it.

She had spent all that time winning this thing and even now she hadn’t had the time to take a look.

With a flash of light in her palm, a Space Ring appeared in her hand.

She weighed the Space Ring in her hand.  The prize was only the golden cauldron, she didn’t know if this Space Ring was an extra reward for her.

Sending her spiritual energy in, there were two things lying inside it.  Ye Yu Xi took everything out.


That golden cauldron fell to the ground and the other thing appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

The Alchemist Academy, new student invitation letter.

On the paper, there were two rows of golden words, as well as the Alchemist Academy’s name.  It was very eye catching.

She turned it around and simply looked over the contents.

“Oh?  There is still a new student test?  There’s still five months before it’s time to enroll!”

Bai Jin Yi came behind Ye Yu Xi and also looked over the invitation letter.

“The Alchemist Academy, with each new wave of students, the seniors will all come out to show their strength and oppress them,”  Bai Jin Yi had a smile floating on his lips.

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