Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 536

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Chapter 536: Became less

“It became less!”

Ye Yu Xi suddenly realized that there were far less golden flames around Bai Jin Yi!

Although there were still some flames flowing over his body, the areas covered had greatly decreased.

Then what about herself……

Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed as she thought of the scene from before.  While her attention had been focused on the change in the colour of their surroundings, Bai Jin Yi had been staring at her body the entire time.


Their chests came together again.

Bai Jin Yi felt the soft touch on his chest before he was filled with extreme pain.


Inside the chaotic space.

“Little human ginseng, what is master doing?”  Huo Ling used his little finger to point at Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi on the platform.

Their hands were tightly held together.

“Them?  They’re cultivating.”  Long Xiao Pang casually replied.

“Cultivating!”  Huo Ling thought about it before turning his head to Long Xiao Pang, “Little human ginseng, this isn’t right!  Didn’t you tell me last time that master and Bai Jin Yi putting their lips together was also for raising their cultivation!”

“Eh…..Huo Ling, let me tell you something.”  Long Xiao Pang heard Huo Ling’s words and his heart trembled.

“Un?  What is it!  I don’t have enough herbs, I won’t give you any.”  Huo Ling smartly cut off this route first.

“I’m not eating your things, I just want to have a discussion.  Can you forget about that matter?” Long Xiao Pang said in a sincere voice.

“Ah?  What matter?”  Huo Ling didn’t react for a bit.

“The matter of your master and Bai Jin Yi cultivating in the bathtub.”

“Oh, that’s right, I had forgotten if you didn’t mention it.  I asked to try it with you before, but you still haven’t responded.”  Huo Ling nodded like he woke up from a dream and remembered that “method” of cultivation.

Long Xiao Pang: ……  He cursed himself in his heart!

“Huo Ling, there is a snow lotus behind you.”  Long Xiao Pang raised his hand and used the “herb escape” technique.  This technique had been tried and tested.

But this time……

Huo Ling flapped a little wing, “Humph!  Little human ginseng, you’ve said this to me several times already!  There’s nothing each time, you always lied to me. This treasure will not believe you!”

Long Xiao Pang helplessly shook his head, “Huo Ling, this time is true.  I can’t always lie to you with the same reason, right?”

Hearing Long Xiao Pang’s words, Huo Ling thought about it……He had already seen through Long Xiao Pang’s tricks and if his words were fake, he wouldn’t say it like this.  Let’s…..trust him once.

“Humph, I’ll believe you once.  If there’s nothing, you just wait.”  Huo Ling said this while turning around.

When Huo Ling had just turned around.

Long Xiao Pang ran off, “Would I wait?  If I wait until you understand, wouldn’t there be more trouble?”

Huo Ling narrowed his eyes and looked at the ground, there was nothing.  He looked up into the sky, there was nothing.

“Little!  Human! Ginseng!  This treasure will never believe you again in this life!”  Huo Lin’s voice rang through the platform.


Inside the Exquisite Wonder Technique.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were in the same positions as the first time in the first level…..But there were some minor changes…..

Ye Yu Xi’s hands were holding Bai Jin Yi’s waist now.

Bai Jin Yi’s hands were over Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder, naturally hanging down towards Ye Yu Xi’s back.

At first glance, it seemed like the two were tightly hugging.

Other than this, the two had been kissing since the beginning.

Without knowing why, the feeling Ye Yu Xi felt in her mind was weaker than before.

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