Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: I believe!


When Song Lan Er shouted out, the people on the field and the people in the stands all exploded with discussion.

“That Song Lan Er, it is a bit reasonable.  If it was a normal first grade pill, it would be possible, but this is the Purple Spirit Pill.  This efficiency……”

“I wondered about this the entire time, did you see Ye Yu Xi’s technique?  It was so fancy looking. Refining pills is hard work and she used such fancy movements, it’s probably so she could confuse us and switch out the pills.”

“Old Song, what your family’s Lan Er said is a bit reasonable.  The Purple Spirit Pill, even if it was a third grade alchemist, it isn’t possible for them to refine it even if they were given two hours!  Not to mention a little girl like Ye Yu Xi. There is something interesting to watch today.”

Once Song Lan Er shouted out, the people present all began to discuss this.

They didn’t think anything was off when they didn’t suspect anything, but after thinking carefully about it, Song Lan Er’s words were a bit reasonable.

If a Purple Spirit Pill was that easy to refine and a little girl could refine it, would it be sold for over ten thousand gold coins?

The sounds of discussion became stronger and there were some people in the audience that began shaking their heads.

“Elder Wei, what do you think?”

The teacher looked at the people and his expression changed.  If this kept going, it would have some impact on the reputation of the Alchemist Academy.

Elder Wei looked over Song Lan Er who shouted out first and his beard slightly shook as he stood up from his seat.

“Song Lan Er!  Are you questioning the qualification of my Alchemist Academy!”  Elder Wei shouted out which reverberated through the arena. In comparison, the voices of the crowd was much smaller.

With Song Lan Er doing this, she was doubting Ye Yu Xi’s strength while also slapping the face of the Alchemist Academy.

There was someone who cheated under the eyes of your Alchemist Academy, not only did you not catch it, you also let her take first place?

This kind of doubt, how could Wei Jun Xiong be willing to accept?  Not to mention that Bai Jin Yi was standing there. If he didn’t handle this well, with just the authority of the jade token, it was enough to drive Wei Jun Xiong out of the Alchemist Academy.

“This…..”  Song Lan Er saw Wei Jun Xiong’s reaction and knew that she was in trouble.  But thinking about it, she had stated a fact, so she said in a firm voice, “It isn’t that I’m stirring up trouble and this young girl has never doubted the Alchemist Academy.  Only, in just an hour, being efficient enough to refine a Purple Spirit Pill without any tricks being used, who would believe that?”

“Un, that’s right.”

“Her words are reasonable.  Just one hour, this is just too shocking.”

The sounds of discussion was incited by Song Lan Er again.

Wei Jun Xiong’s old face had a trace of anger and he looked over at Bai Jin Yi standing beside Ye Yu Xi.

Other than a faint smile, there was no reaction from Bai Jin Yi’s face.  He looked like he was completely letting him handle it.

Wei Jun Xiong was prepared to speak when another old voice sounded out.

“I believe!”

This voice, although it was a bit weaker than Wei Jun Xiong’s, it wasn’t that lacking.  It was also clearly heard by the people in the arena.


Everyone looked over at the stands.

A figure that wasn’t considered too majestic stood up in the stands.

It was Ye Hui!

When Ye Hui spoke, the entire stands fell silent again.

Ye Hui was the chairman of the Ice Mist Country’s Alchemist Guild.  His words in the eyes of the alchemists represented authority!

In front of everyone, Ye Hui slowly walked down from the stands.  He didn’t use any flashy movement, but his aura gradually increased with each step he took.

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