Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 527

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Chapter 527: Ye Yu Xi cheated (Part 4)


Ye Yu Xi had her back to the seventh prince and her brows instantly knit together.

“Seventh highness, long time no see!  What is the intention behind your words!”  Ye Yu Xi turned around and looked at the person in front with cold eyes.

The seventh prince had already suppressed his thoughts and his lips had a seemingly kind smile.  He softly flapped his fan, “I only heard that some people had disappeared in the Swallow Ridge outside of the city a few days ago.  Those girls seemed to be related to young miss Ye.”

“It really was done by you!”

There was a flash of anger in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

“Ai~you can’t speak randomly, does miss Ye have evidence?”  The seventh prince had a smile on his face. He took a step forward and said in lowered voice, “Although there is no chance to marry young miss Ye, my subordinates have said that the taste of your sisters is pretty good……”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

After the seventh prince said this, he turned to leave while breaking out in laughter.


The stone tile under Ye Yu Xi’s foot suddenly snapped and she tightly clenched her fists.

“Miss Ye, you can’t be rash.”  The third prince placed a hand on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder and gave her a reminder.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the seventh prince’s back.  Although she had already suspected it was something done by the seventh prince, she never thought the seventh prince would admit it so openly.

“Yu Xi has always been calm in doing things, your highness is worrying too much.”  A voice with an evil charm rang out.

Another hand appeared near the hand the third prince had placed on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

Bai Jin Yi softly “knocked” away the third prince’s hand on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder with a faint smile on his face.

The third prince looked at Bai Jin Yi in front of him and his heart was filled with surprise.  He actually didn’t notice him approaching! Bai Jin Yi had just been standing at the entrance a second ago.

Ye Yu Xi looked over at Bai Jin Yi before softly saying to the third prince, “Many thanks for your highness’ worry, I am fine.”

Ye Yu Xi suppressed that rage into the depths of her heart.

“The results will be announced soon, let’s go to the side and wait.”  Bai Jin Yi spoke to Ye Yu Xi in a soft voice. It was as if Bai Jin Yi had only come over to tell Ye Yu Xi that the results would be announced soon.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and prepared to leave with Bai Jin Yi.

“Miss Ye.”  The third prince called out to stop Ye Yu Xi.

“Does your highness need anything else?”  Ye Yu Xi was in a bad mood, so she was too lazy to be courteous.

“My subordinates have reported that a few days ago, the people of the Mingyue Sect have entered the city and they left the city again on the same day, not coming back again.  I hope this bit of information will help young miss Ye.”

“Understood.  Many thanks for your highness’ care.”  Ye Yu Xi thanked him before heading to the podium with Bai Jin Yi.

Mingyue Sect……

Ye Yu Xi thought about what the third prince had just said.  Indeed, to move all those experts to bring Qing’er and the others away, this was something a normal sect or power could do.  There was only a single large sect with this kind of background.

“Everyone!  The results of the competition has already come out.  Next we’ll announce the list of the people who have qualified.”  The teacher from before went up to the podium they had temporarily set up.

He announced the results of the competition and the twenty people who had passed the test.

“First place, Ye Yu Xi.  Refined pill, Purple Spirit Pill.  Second place, Fang Leng Qing. Refined pill, Spiritual Supplement Pill.  Third place……”

When the names were read out one by one, there were some that were overjoyed and some that were crushed.

“Ye Yu Xi cheated!  It’s impossible to refine a Purple Spirit Pill with only an hour!”  When Song Lang Er heard that Ye Yu Xi was first and that she had refined the Purple Spirit Pill that was at the peak of second grade pills, she instantly made a protest.

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